Book Review: “My Church Lettering Journal: A Creative Keepsake” by, Amanda Arneill

“Church journaling isn’t about lettering for others. It is lettering for yourself to grow your relationship with God.”Amanda Arneill, author of My Church Lettering Journal: A Creative Keepsake


For the past year or so, Amanda Arneill’s lettering has been an inspiration to me, so I was thrilled when her publisher, Paige Tate and Co., contacted me about reviewing her new book. In My Church Lettering Journal: A Creative Keepsake, Amanda shares her experience with church lettering, where she hand letters during sermons to help her stay focused and retain information she hears.

“Lettering uses not only the language parts of your brain but also the artistic parts as well. Getting more of your brain involved allows you to better focus on the sermon and retain the message even days after the service.”


My Church Lettering Journal: A Creative Keepsake is a wonderful resource for beginner letterers who want to get on board the Bible/church lettering train, but have no idea where to start. The first 30 pages or so have in depth how-tos, advice, tools to use, and even hand lettered fonts Amanda uses frequently as she journals. Once you make it through the learning process, the remainder of the book includes prompts and blank pages to help you get started on your own church lettering journey!

The book is also inspiring for seasoned letterers. Amanda plays with calligraphy, block letters, outlines, little drawings, and many other little details that help spark new ideas for letterers of all levels. She also provides some really great insights and reminders as you approach lettering.

I was encouraged by Amanda’s frequent reminders that we don’t have to worry about perfection and making everything pretty because, “It is the word of God, so there’s nothing you can do to make it more perfect than it already is.” Church lettering is about releasing ourselves from the pressure of creating something for others and just creating something for ourselves and the Lord. But, most importantly:

“Whatever styles you choose to use, I want to remind you that God doesn’t care what your handwriting looks like, He just wants you to be with Him! So use your church journal to be present, engaged and in relationship with the Lord.”

Click here to purchase your own copy of My Church Lettering Journal: A Creative Keepsake by, Amanda Arneill and start your church lettering journey today!


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