A Month in Review: August

Hey there! August has been busy, which is why I haven’t posted at all until now. I really do enjoy blogging and hope to write more about my lettering experiences, tips, and share some more things around faith since Jesus is my #1 inspiration, but for now, I know I can commit to blogging once a month and if I have time I will most certainly do more, but for now, you can count on once a month and think of the rest as bonuses! 😉

Custom Orders

I had a few custom orders this month, which was great after a couple months of little to no work in that area, because I was too swamped with book stuff to take on anythingEleanor Harper (watermark) extra. I created this baby gift (pictured to the left), which was a really fun quick project. I loved getting to use real pens for it after spending so many hours creating digital work for my book and another large-scale custom order I worked on this month. I can’t show you photos of that piece for another couple weeks, but I can tell you that I hand lettered an entire Psalm for a client and I can’t wait to not only show you how it turned out, but share the story behind why she ordered it.

Another fun design I got to make is the one pictured below. I had a request to get “be strong and courageous” written for a pillow design, but I had some fun with it myself and placed the design on a photo by a talented photographer friend, Jim Larson. Feel free to check out more of his work here.


Book Update

I completed the art for my book and gave it to my parents to look over for spelling errors! They are halfway through the designs and together we’ve only found 2 mistakes (Praise the Lord!). I’ve still got some minor spacing adjustments to make, but the most time consuming part of that process is done. Again, PTL!

I also completed the first draft of all of my written/typed content (I never know how to say that, since technically my art is written content as well) and I got that sent in to my editors. I’ll hopefully get that back in a week or so and make adjustments and have it edited a second time. I’m not super confident in my writing abilities, so I’m getting some extra help in that area. This is the part I’m most nervous about since I’m self publishing and don’t have someone giving me more direction about what to write, but I’m learning to trust God in this process!

I sent out an email last Friday, asking my mailing list subscribers to pray for my permission request to be accepted to use the ESV Bible translation. I was so thrilled when that prayer was answered on Monday and I got permission to use it! Thank you for praying and I ask for continued prayers that my anxiety over what’s left to finish would be non-existent and that I will simply trust in God’s provision as this project comes to a close.

Things to look forward to…

I have big plans for my business this fall, aside from the book release (which by the way, should be in mid-November if everything goes according to plan)! I still need to get a few things in order before I can share everything with you, but here is what I can tell you…

I will be teaching a beginner brush lettering course this fall! This is something I’ve beenIMG_6002 wanting to do for awhile. It will be local in-person classes and after the holidays I hope to create a similar online course for you followers who don’t live in the Twin Cities.

I am also working on writing my own intro to Bible lettering course that I hope to release in the fall as well. I taught a Bible journaling workshop at LifeWay Christian Stores in Burnsville, MN last week and it was so great! I’ve had plans to teach my own course for awhile and that experience really helped me to figure out what I want to include in my own course and how much time I think is needed to help people get off to a successful start in their own Bible lettering journey.


Thanks for reading and taking interest in what I’ve been up to this past month! I’ll do my best to keep you in the loop on the things I left more open-ended. I’ve got a lot of things in motion right now and I’m looking forward to sharing more as those things pan out over the next month!

❤ Lauren