Book Pre-Order Update

It’s been only a few days and… WOW!

I am so overwhelmed by the generosity of all my supporters! We have already almost doubled my original goal and I am so grateful. I originally asked for $800, because that would cover about half of what I needed to print my first round of books. Why did I only ask for half of what I needed? Here’s why:

I always have a lot of respect for people who put their own money into their projects, especially if those people are asking others to help them out financially. When people take a financial risk on their own projects, to me that says they really believe in the project and they want to work with their backers to make their project or idea a reality. I want you all to know I’m with you in this. I believe in this project. I’m putting a lot of my own money behind it and I will do everything in my power to make this a successful project. Of course, I trust God is the one in full control over the impact this book has, so I will continue to work hard, pray, and follow where he leads this project.

I will continue to push this project and encourage others to pre-order. The more money I make off the pre-orders, the more books I can get manufactured right off the bat. $2,000 is my next “unofficial” goal. At this rate, I can see us reaching that goal within the next few days and that would be amazing! If I dare dream bigger (I’ve been learning I need to get better at this), $3,000-$3,500 would mean that I could get 100 more books printed than I originally planned for my first round of printing and it would cover the copyright permission costs I already paid for in order to legally use and sell verses from the NIV and ESV Bible translation.

How’s the book coming along? Glad you asked! 😉

This week I’ve been working late nights (It’s 1:00 AM as I write this!) and thought it’s been tiring, it’s been worth it! Since this project launched late Saturday night/early Sunday morning, I’ve made a lot of progress.

Here is what I’ve gotten done:

  • I finished my second draft of the typed content and sent it in to my editor for final edits and I’m currently waiting on her feedback.
  • I finished adding markings to the artwork differentiating translations and personal thoughts – this was something I had to do as a part of my copyright agreement with the Bible translation publishers. They are very subtle, so it’s my hope that you won’t even notice them!

Here’s what I plan to get done over the rest of this week:

  • Get my art files in the proper format to be printed in the book
  • Finalize my title (That’s right, I’m second guessing my title… oops! Please be praying God will give me clarity on that!)
  • Finalize the cover art design and get that formatted the way it needs to be


That’s my current update! Thanks for all the support! If you feel like sending me extra encouragement, you can make my day by A) sharing this project with your friends on social media or through word of mouth and/or B) send me a message! Let me know what excites you about this book and let me know if you’re praying. These last couple weeks of getting the book done are going to be a lot of work and I’ll need all the encouragement I can get! Thanks!

❤ Lauren

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