Story Behind the Piece

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I love working on projects that have a story, projects that have deep meaning, and are bigger than myself. This was one of those projects.

Most people don’t approach me and say, “I would like an entire Psalm written in calligraphy.” I’m used to doing life verses, which usually only end up being 1-4 verses out of an entire chapter in the Bible, but an entire Psalm? This was a first for me.

I was so excited about the possibility of creating a piece of this length, but I have to admit, when I sent my client the quote for this project two months ago, I got a little nervous she wouldn’t go for it, because it was going to take extra long for me to do it, since I was in the midst of creating the art for my book at the same time. When I told her this, I was overjoyed to hear she still wanted the piece. She shared why, I was touched, and with her permission, I’m sharing the story with you today:

FullSizeRender 3My client explained to me that Psalm 130 is very important to her family and holds a special place their hearts. Her daughter, a mother of four girls, put to memory Psalm 130 last year while undergoing tests for her newly diagnosed cancer. My client and her husband wanted to give their daughter Psalm 130 as a reminder of God’s unfailing love for her and a gift to celebrate completing one year of immunotherapy cancer treatment – which was yesterday! I followed up with them and I’m happy to say they had a joyous celebration, where they presented her with the gift, framed and matted in her favorite color.

I fell in love with this family’s story and when I finished this piece a month ago, I could hardly wait for the day I finally got to share it with you and share their story. These kinds of projects, with stories like these, excite me more than anything else. I love God’s word, I love meeting people who are in less than ideal circumstances, but are so clearly filled with the joy of Christ, and it’s humbling to be trusted with such meaningful projects. This is also why I prefer to meet with people in person to deliver orders when possible. I get to know their sometimes very personal stories over email, I know how much these pieces mean to them, and I love the day we finally get to meet in person and I get to see the joy on their faces when they see words that already mean so much to them, written beautifully just for them.

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