Happy Calligraversary (to me)!


Today is what I like to call my calligraversary. 😉 ⠀

Two years ago today, I posted (and probably created , but I have no exact record) my first brush lettered piece (pictured on the far left). I remember being frustrated in the beginning, because I didn’t have my own style yet and what I created was more so a reflection of what I liked about other people’s lettering and not my own. But, I knew with practice, lettering would start to feel more natural and somehow, I would start to find my own style. (My pen of choice: Faber-Castell B PITT artist pen)⠀

So we fast forward to last year and you can see (in the center picture) that my lettering looks quite different! A year of practicing nearly every day, helped me develop my own style. Lettering felt more natural and looked more like how I wanted it to look. (My pen of choice: Tombow Dual Brush Pen)⠀

And now today I am just as amazed by the progress I made from last year to this year as I am from my first day to now. I forgot that even after you feel like you’ve got a skill figured out, you still develop and improve upon that skill. I love my lettering today (pictured on the far right). It feels and looks more natural than ever before. I’m encouraged and excited to see what my lettering will look like a year from today! (My pen of choice: Apple Pencil)

P.S. I still use all those pens and highly recommend each one! My pen of choice just reflects what I was/am using most of the time.

Have a great week!

❤ Lauren

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