Another Book Update

Hi there!

Again, WOW! Through your pre-orders we have now more than tripled my original goal! I can’t say thank you enough. Your excitement, interest, and support of this project has been so encouraging.

As I’ve been finalizing the book, I’ve been experiencing some fear and frustration. These are all things I’ve experienced in the past as I’ve worked on other big projects. It’s hard to know when to call a project done. There’s always room for tweaking, rewording, and improvement, because nothing can ever be perfect. And that’s something I really struggle with. Seeing your orders continue to come in is keeping me going and reminding me this project isn’t just something I’m passionate about, but it’s something you all value as well. Thank you!

Progress report

Last weekend, I probably spent five hours rewriting two pages of the book, only to realize I was just re-writing a lot of what I had already written. I am glad I rewrote those sections, but if I had stuck with my gut, I wouldn’t have wasted time writing and rewriting brand new content that eventually circled back to the main themes I had originally settled on. I could have just added to and taken away from what was already there and only have spent an hour instead of five, but what’s done is done, I’m happy with the content, so I guess that’s what counts!

Last night, I finished editing my typed content (I can’t say “written” content, because even the art is technically “written”). That’s such a huge weight lifted off my shoulders! I’m going read through my art content one more time today to make sure that’s all good to go, and then all of my edits will be done! Woo hoo!

What comes after that?

After all that, I will upload everything into a program where I finalize the layout of my book. Once I know exactly how many pages it’ll have, I’ll finish formatting the front/back cover and then I’ll send it in to be printed! I’ll receive a proof before all the copies are printed, I’ll look everything over to make sure it’s just right, and when it is… all of the books will be printed!

Prayer requests

Please be praying things go smoothly over the next few weeks of finalizing and proofing, so that my book will be released in the first or second week of November as planned. Please also be praying that God will give me an answer to whether or not I should print more books than I had planned. I will spare you the details, but it’s a bit complicated, so I do need some clarity on whether or not I should put more time and money into additional copies. I’ve also had a few international inquiries and that’s another complicated topic I won’t get into, but prayers for God to open doors so this book can reach beyond the U.S. and Canada would not only be greatly appreciated by me, but the few people I know of who are waiting and hoping for that to happen as well.

Thank you all! Please continue to spread the word and share this project with others, so together we can spread the good news of Jesus Christ and inspire one another to get creative as we study the Bible!

❤ Lauren

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