Yay Workshops!

Hey there, friends!

Beg. Brush Lettering Ad 3Just dropping in to say thanks to those of you who have registered for one of my local Beginner Brush Lettering workshops! I am thrilled to announce my November 11th class was completely filled in less than 24 hours after sign-ups being opened. Y’all have no idea how much joy and excitement that brings me! I can see your names and why many of you want to learn to letter and boy does that get me pumped for when we meet one month from today!

Thanks to the few of you who signed up for December 9th! I’m just as excited to meet you all too! If any of you reading this still want to sign up for a workshop, this is the workshop to sign up for since there are still some spots open.

On the fence about signing up?

Let me share something with you that I think will put many of you who are on the fence at ease. 😉

I hear the phrase, “but I’m not artistic,” A LOT. So much, it hurts. Literally. It hurts my heart to hear people give up before they’ve even tried or given brush lettering a fair shot. Here is my answer to that (and I can’t say this enough):

If you can learn to hand write, you can learn to brush letter.

Remember when you learned to write as a little kid? Remember how slow you had to go and how shaky your letters were? But with practice, eventually hand writing became more comfortable and now you’ve been writing so many years, you don’t even have to think about it.

Brush lettering is a lot like that. Yes, I’ll admit it helps to have some creative abilities down the road when you get into more advanced styles, materials, and creating compositions, but ANYONE can learn the basics. Everyone can learn to brush letter to create handmade cards for friends and family, to make your holiday card addresses look beautiful, or to simply create beautiful letters for your own enjoyment.

We all have to start somewhere and there is no time like the present (especially with the holidays coming up)! So, put that fear and doubt aside, come alongside me and a group of other lovely beginners, and lets learn to brush letter together! Are you ready??

❤ Lauren

Click the “Workshops” tab above to register today!

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