A little life lesson


A backwards cycle

I had a great conversation with a couple of my biz besties about the content we share on social media, our websites, and through our newsletters. We also talked about what we like and don’t like about what other people do and how more often than not, the pressure to post at least once a day sucks the joy out of what we do. It becomes a backwards cycle: instead of creating because it’s our passion and posting because we are proud of our work, we feel the need to create in order to meet the posting quotas.

Passion over expectation

The three of us decided we should stop letting expectations control us and that we cannot forget how important it is to provide content that adds value to the lives of our followers and to our own lives. For me, this means letting some things go to make more time to create things I love, because it’s so clear to me you also appreciate the posts that have more passion behind them!

A healthy balance

That being said, I still have to have a healthy balance of fun personal projects and letting people know about workshops, new products, my book… and I do think that those more “promotional” type posts do add value to your lives… I started workshops because many of you said you wanted to learn from me… I wrote my book because many of you asked for my Romans journal pages… I create prints for my Etsy shop, because I know not everyone can afford a custom design…

Being more intentional

Not that I haven’t been intentional with my posts and information I share before now, but I just wanted to share with you that I’m more aware! I’m excited to be even more intentional! I’m going to start asking myself the same question online that I do in my personal life, which is, “Is this adding value or is it just clutter?”

Spreading the love

I’m providing this design in color and in black and white as a PDF digital download to anyone who joins my mailing list! Not just to remind you that I care about what I add to your lives, but for you to keep in mind in your personal life or business or whatever life you live! You can click HERE to subscribe and get your free print. 🙂

Let’s get rid of the things that clutter our lives and make space for the things we find most valuable! Let’s let passion and inspiration drive us, instead of other peoples’ expectations! Amen? 😉

Anyway, have a great week!

❤ Lauren

P.S. My book Romans: A Hand Lettered Devotional comes out on Tuesday (Nov. 14, 2017)! Can’t wait to celebrate by sharing more about it with you!


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