Romans: A Hand Lettered Devotional // Available Now!!

Today is the day!

My brand new book, Romans: A Hand Lettered Devotional, is now available! You can purchase the book by clicking HERE.

In this short video, you’ll hear about why I created this book and how it will open your eyes to the impact a little creativity can have on your walk with Jesus.

For those of you who want to hear the extended version of the story behind my book, buckle your seat belts!

I started creating the art for this book at the end of June and at the time, I didn’t even know God had plans for me to turn it into a book. Writing a book was something I added to my high school bucket list years ago. It was that item I never thought I would actually check off. I’ve been joking with people, “Well, I wrote a book… check that off the bucket list! Time to travel the world!” Maybe the book will make me a New York Times Bestseller and I will! (Am I dreaming too big??)

Even though it is quite unlikely that that will happen, I have learned through creating this book not to underestimate God’s power and His plans for our lives. You just don’t know what He has in store for you most of the time. He has proven that to me time and time again and somehow I always forget. I’m thankful He used this book to remind me, yet again, that He has mighty plans for us and we need to remain open to His leading.

The Process

I’ll be honest, there were times when creating this book was almost too much for me to handle. I spent around 400 hours on the art alone and then on top of that, had to write content that was theologically sound and well said. I remember finishing the art in my journal and starting all over at Romans 1 to recreate the art digitally. I cried. I nearly had a panic attack. But, similarly to how Christ says in Matthew 6:34 not to worry about tomorrow, I kept remembering not to look ahead, because that would only bring on anxiety. I learned to tell myself, “Just keep moving,” and, “One letter at a time.” And by one letter at a time, I finished the art for my book.

After I finished the hand lettered art, I was relieved to focus my energy elsewhere… my devotional thoughts to accompany the art. It wasn’t before long that I missed the art. The art was time consuming, but writing was just straight up difficult. By God’s grace, He placed wise people in my life who were willing to help me write and edit my content and without Wendi, Scott, and Jennifer, I would not have had the confidence to publish that content.

On top of all that, I was working with my printing company and with Bible publishers, trying to learn how all the publishing and legal stuff worked. I shed many tears over that, but I’m truly grateful for what I learned.


It’s been a wild ride. I’m thankful God led me into it blindly, or else I don’t know if I would have done it. I think He knew I’d be too overwhelmed if I could have seen the early mornings and the many nights staying up till 3 AM. I’m also thankful I shared on my blog that I was writing a book, because that was great accountability and motivation to keep going. People like you continually expressed excitement for the book to be finished and that you were praying for me. Had there not been so much buzz about it, I really don’t know if I would have been motivated enough to finish it.

Now that the book is in stock and for sale, the sense of accomplishment I feel is too great for words. I cannot wait to reach people with the gospel of Jesus Christ through my art and through what He taught me as I studied the book of Romans this past summer. I hope you will be encouraged and inspired by this book and that you would give it to someone who might be intimidated or overwhelmed by the Bible. I truly believe this book has the ability to change lives.

It changed mine.

Thanks again for all the love and support through the entire process of creating this book!

Order your very own copy of Romans: A Hand Lettered Devotional today by clicking HERE.

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