A Month In Review: November


What a crazy month it has been! Crazy in all the best ways, that is.

There were a lot of good things that happened and a few bumps along the way I’m deciding to look at as learning opportunities. Instead of writing about a few of the highlights, I’m gonna share two lists with bullet points, highlighting my reasons to celebrate and what I’m gonna learn and grow from. That just feels more real to me this month and maybe I’ll continue with this format for future month in review posts if it feels right. Sound good?

Reasons to celebrate

  • It was my first full month as a full-time lettering artist
  • I officially started teaching my Beginner Brush Lettering workshop
  • I released my book, Romans: A Hand Lettered Devotional
  • I had way more sales during my Thanksgiving weekend sale than I anticipated
  • I am now selling my book internationally and had my first overseas order
  • My Etsy shop hit 100 sales

What I Learned & How I’m Gonna Grow

  • I taught a workshop at a private party and decided not to do anymore of those until I have a better organizational system in place.
  • I sent a couple prints to a custom order client that weren’t up to my usual standards and realized it after I shipped them. I decided to redo them completely and send her new ones before she even got her prints in the mail. I learned that it’s better to wait and think on things if I’m not 100% happy with a design, instead of getting an order out for the sake of sticking to a timeline. Better to send a great product late, than a sub-par product on time!
  • There was one thing in particular I found in Etsy analytics after my sale was over that I really wish I would have done differently. It’s a long explanation I don’t need to get into. The short explanation is, I could have been more effective with how I directed people to my shop.


I hope y’all liked this different format of my Month in Review post. I like sharing my highs and my lows, so I’m thinking I’ll stick with this format for awhile. I’m learning that optimism isn’t about focusing on the good and choosing not to think about the mistakes. It’s most beneficial for me to think about the lows as learning opportunities, because then they don’t seem like lows as much. Plus, if I pushed all that aside, I would never learn and that would be counter productive!

Blessings to you all and thanks for all the love and support –

❤ Lauren

P.S. Don’t forget to visit my shop to purchase those Christmas gifts! I’m now shipping ALL of my products worldwide!


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