A Month In Review: January


Happy 2018! As many of you already know, I started hand lettering full-time back in November, so January was the start of my first full year as a full-time hand lettering artist. I quit my day job just before the holiday craziness began, so I had a feeling January would be a little more “honest” to me in how my shop was doing and how much work I get on a regular basis. I was right and wrong about this, but I’ll share that in the “What I Learned” section. Let’s start with reasons to celebrate:

Reasons to celebrate

  • My Etsy shop reached over 200 sales! This was a huge accomplishment for me, because right now, creating designs and products for my shop is my favorite thing to do. That was more assurance that I’m on the right track!
  • I had a lot more time to create and dream up new products I’d like to add to the shop. November and December were crazy and I forgot what it was like to have extended amounts of time to create! I think some people think I just make pretty things all day, but I think on average that’s about 20% of my work. A lot goes into getting the word out about my services and products and just making sure I’m encouraging others in their faith and lettering journeys. However, January was a month of creating lots of new things and it was so refreshing! I can’t wait to share more of what I was working on with you over the next couple months!
  • I learned how to create custom brushes for Procreate and created some new ones I loved so much, I decided to create a pack of these brushes and sell them at my Etsy shop. I love helping other letterers improve their lettering, so this was a really exciting launch for me! If you want to see me use the brushes, click HERE to watch my tutorial and click HERE if you’d like to check out the listing on Etsy.
  • I finally designed my first enamel pin! I have no idea if it will be a financial success or not, but it was something I’ve been wanting to do for about a year. Sometimes you just gotta follow your passion and hope others will pick up on it! It will be released in the spring – just in time for jean jacket season. 😉

What I learned and how I’m gonna grow

  • January is a slow month for shop owners! Right after New Year’s Eve, it was like all shoppers fell off the face of the planet. No joke. I was talking to one of my friends who has been successfully running an Etsy shop for many years and she assured me that this was normal and that I should take January as an opportunity to dream up new products and create – and as I mentioned above, I took her advice! About midway through the month, things started to pick up at my shop a little more and now, I finally feel like I’m starting to see what my business will look like during the “off season” if you wanna call it that. 😉
  • For the first time, I had to cancel a class because not enough people signed up. It was pretty discouraging at first, but I’m assuming the lack of interest was due to the location. So far, all of my workshops have been in the suburbs southwest of Minneapolis and this workshop was right in Minneapolis. My Instagram analytics were telling me that’s where the majority of my following is, but I’m now questioning how accurate those analytics are. I’ll probably just continue to schedule in-person workshops in the southwest suburbs, because clearly, that’s been working way better for me! (If you’d like more info on my local workshops, click HERE.)


I feel like January was filled with a lot of small wins and “learns,” but in my opinion, those little wins meant a lot to me, because I got to do a lot more of what I wanted to do this month and my “learns” ended up being great lessons I’ll carry with me moving forward.

Thanks for reading and joining me on my hand lettering journey!

❤ Lauren

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