A Month In Review: February


Hey everybody! Happy end of February/almost March! I’m excited to dive right in and share my wins and my learns from the past month, so here we go…


  • I released two new products to my Etsy and Creative Market shops, made specifically for other letterers: My Procreate Grids and my Minimal iPad Stock Photo Bundle (and Mini Minimal Bundle!). Helping other letterers learn and grow and build confidence in their lettering is something I’ve found I’m really passionate about and it feels really good to be providing resources that are making a difference in people’s lettering lives!
  • I sold out of the first print run of my book and I’m now onto selling the second print run! This is huge for me because I remember getting that first shipment of books, looking at all the boxes piled up in my living room and thinking, how on earth am I gonna sell all these?? And I did in three months! Crazy! Thank you so much to those of you who have purchased a book already, and if you haven’t, I’ve got a fresh round of books ready to be shipped to new homes!S
  • Speaking of books… I started creating the art for my second book, which will be Ephesians: A Hand Lettered Devotional. It’s kinda scary to admit that because I know how much work goes into creating a book now and I do have some fears (like I did with Romans: A Hand Lettered Devotional) that it will never get done. But, God willing, it will get done and it will be another amazing accomplishment! P.S. I’m planning on releasing my Ephesians book in November 2018!
  • I know I said this last month, but I’ve been working on new products I’ll be launching at the end of March. I’ll be taking a week off from all things work and social media mid-March, so I’m trying to get everything ready to go for when I get back into the swing of things. My two big new endeavors: an enamel pin and three custom address stamps. Woohoo!
  • I made a new business buddy and we’ve started working alongside each other throughout the week. I have quite a few biz friends in other states, but it’s nice to have someone local I can get together with, who gets this whole creative business life! If you wanna check out her photography, go check out Steena Anne HERE.



  • I’m learning that I need more rest. Even though I work 8-10 hours a day, get 7-8 hours of sleep at night, and take off Mondays completely from work, I’m finding that I’m still getting run down – especially after I’ve finished prepping for launching a new product. I went hard the week before launching my Minimal iPad Stock Photo Bundle and then the week after (last week), I got a really bad cold that had me feeling pretty crummy and working from bed a lot (which I do not normally do). I thought I was pacing myself last week, but apparently, I need to give myself more time and more grace when prepping to launch a new product to my shops.


I always love taking this time to reflect on the past month and I hope you enjoy and learn from these monthly “Month in Review” posts as well.

❤️ Lauren