March Wins and Learns


My “Month in Review” posts will now be called “Wins and Learns”.

Hey there! Happy April! I hope you all had a happy Easter and that your week is off to a great start! Before we dive too deep into April, I wanted to reflect on the past month (March) and share my wins and learns (my positive spin on “highs and lows”) with you, in hopes that you too can learn from what I’m learning. Sound good??


  • This month started off on a big high! I released my first enamel pin and I was thrilled to see you were excited about it too!Be_Kind_Watermark-01
  • I went on a vacation to Florida with my hubby, Luke! I disconnected from social media completely and had a friend take care of my shop while I was away. It was such a good decision and I highly recommend you give yourself a break every now and then – especially if you are trying to grow a business and/or social media account. I honestly might write an entire blog post about it, because I heard from multiple people after my Instagram post that they too needed the reminder to let go every now and then.
  • I finally released my custom hand-lettered address stamps to the shop! IMG_3485And the best part?? I’m enjoying the process of designing them even more than I anticipated.
  •  I taught my first local Bible Lettering workshop and it was a blast!
  • I’ve been wanting to reach more people with lettering tips since I still don’t teach online courses, so I created a “Resources” page with my favorite iPad lettering and brush lettering tools and links to find them all either at my shop or on Amazon. Definitely check out that page if you haven’t yet!
  • It was the best month for my shop and I saw a lot of growth in my business and within myself (more on that in the “Learns” section)!


  • After the initial release of my enamel pin at the beginning of the month, general shop sales went down drastically. I was so discouraged but reminded myself it’s okay – I planned for this because of my vacation. However, March was going even slower than I anticipated. I got together with a friend, sharing my frustrations and worries, and she reminded me of God’s goodness and provision even when things aren’t going my way. I_Love_Those_Who_Love_Me_Square_Watermark-01This conversation gave me a better outlook on things and led me to pray and the outcome was AMAZING. The Lord completely turned the entire month around over the course of just one week! To Him be all the glory! I cannot stress enough that if you are a believer, remember that God is ultimately the one in control. Work hard and leave room for Him to move and guide you. If you don’t believe in Jesus or you just don’t feel like your faith is strong, I encourage you to start praying and reading your Bible. You do not have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. Christ wants to partner with you in all things! Seek him diligently and you WILL find Him!


I learned a lot this month and after writing this post, I’m further convinced that I need to write a separate blog post about taking a break from social media every now and then. I will hopefully get to it in April, so be on the lookout for that!

Thanks for hanging with me and reading this far! I appreciate you all!

❤ Lauren

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2 thoughts on “March Wins and Learns

  1. Oh girl, rest assured that you totally were not the only one with a slow month in March. I too had a slow month and just about panicked. But, God. God reminded me of his faithfulness throughout the whole month in so many beautiful ways. April is here and I believe it’s gonna be a great one! 🙂

    LOVE your enamel pin so much, too!


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