April Wins and Learns


Well hey there! Happy May! This monthly “Wins and Learns” blog post is getting out a little later than I’d normally like. I’ve been frantically getting prepped for local events the past couple weeks, so I had to prioritize and get through all that before I could sit and reflect on this past month. But, I’m sitting out on my deck as I write this, it’s warm… spring finally decided to show up in Minnesota… that, my friends might possibly be the biggest win of them all! 😉


  • My retail sales continue to grow! I’m so thankful for Etsy, for my consigners, wholesalers, and local customers. I wouldn’t be able to do what I love without all your support! You keep me going and motivate me on to keep going – especially on the hard days. Thank you!
  • I had my first real product shoot with the lovely and talented Steena Anne! I have to admit, I was pretty overwhelmed, but Steena has such a great eye for what looks good, there was no need for me to be overwhelmed. She took charge and I love that she was able to capture the beauty of my creations and the love behind each one of them. Check out my Etsy or Facebook cover photo to see a collection of some of my favorites from this shoot!
  • I released my second Procreate brush pack: the Natural Brush Pack. These five brushes were created (by yours truly!) to look more like real-life brush pens. I’m really excited about them and I’m encouraged to see others start to get excited about them too! I’d love to show you these brushes, so watch my latest YouTube video to learn more. And of course, you can go right ahead to Etsy or Creative Market to download!
  • I started making foiled prints! I finally took the plunge, invested in new equipment, and I’m now kind of in love with foiling. (Shoutout to my bestie, Kiley Bennett for giving me such a great deal on her foiling machine and foil collection!)
  • I had to reorder more “Be Kind” enamel pins. Why is this a win? Well, I honestly created these pins as a passion project, not expecting to sell many, but I’ve nearly sold out in just two months and I’m pretty jazzed about that!
  • I had my third pop-up event at Pottery Barn in Edina, MN and it went so well! My first event there was around this time last year and all I had were prints and cards. It was so fun to realize how far I’ve come since then. I now have a book, pins, wood banners, custom stamps… I praise God daily that I get to do this for my day job. ❤


  • I need to learn to compartmentalize better. As my shop grows, so do my opportunities to create more and connect with people who enjoy my work. However, on the flip side, as my shop grows, so do my responsibilities and I’m presented with new challenges. I won’t get into all the details, but let’s just say I haven’t been great about handling the unexpected and difficult circumstances that arise and I really don’t want to give those moments any power to ruin my day!
  • I need to set more realistic expectations for myself. I’ve been getting better at this in the past couple weeks, but there is still a lot of room for growth. I tend to set unrealistic expectations for what I will accomplish each week and I’m continually reminded I’m not Supergal! I can’t do it all!
  • I learned that I need to take a break from local workshops after my Bible Lettering workshop on May 19th in Eden Prairie, MN. I’m struggling to get people to sign up. I know it’s not because of the content and I am confident that I’m priced correctly for the amount I spend on materials and the amount of work I put into each class. I just need to take a step back and come up with a marketing strategy. So far I’ve reached all my students organically on social media and through word of mouth. It’s pretty incredible that I’ve made it this far without having a marketing strategy, but until I have a plan in place, I won’t be scheduling any more workshops.


Thanks for reading! I don’t receive a whole lot of feedback on these monthly posts, but I enjoy including you as I look back on the past month and process the highs and lows and the wins and learns. I hope you’ll learn something from my personal experiences each month and if you do, please send me a message! I love hearing from you!

❤ Lauren

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