A Sneak Peek Into My Foiling Process


Have you ever wondered what goes into making a foiled print?

For the longest time, I did too. I oohed and awed over foiled prints by other makers, but didn’t want to make them through a company, because they were just so darn expensive to produce.Give_It_To_God_Etsy_Listing_Photo

I was chatting with a friend about my desire to try foiling myself and to my surprise, she really wanted to get rid of her foil and applicator machine. So, I decided to invest in some new equipment! She named her price, it worked for me, she shipped it out and once it arrived at my doorstep, we got on Google Hangouts and she taught me all the foiling things.

Now, I love making foiled prints. I design all of my products, but I outsource the manufacturing of my printing, pins, and stamps, so I was really missing the hands-on part of being an Etsy seller. Foiling has given me a little bit of that back. As my shop grows, I’m sure I’ll eventually have to outsource more of my foiled products too, but until that time comes, I’m gonna soak up all the in-house foiling goodness!


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Are you a maker? Curious to know what equipment I’m using? Click HERE for direct links!

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