“Ephesians: A Hand Lettered Devotional” Early Bird Pre-Order



Early bird pre-order ends September 19!

I’ve been waiting a long time for this day. The day I get to reveal the cover of my second book and open pre-orders! I wrote about this in the intro of Ephesians: A Hand Lettered Devotional and I’ll mention it here: I genuinely didn’t think I would be doing another book like this or even self-publishing again, but here we are! Another book and publishing on my own once again!


My new book will be very similar to my first book, Romans: A Hand Lettered Devotional. I created intricate handwritten art for each chapter and wrote devotional thoughts, sharing what I learned as I studied each chapter. The book of Ephesians in the Bible has six chapters, so instead of doing one page of art for each chapter, like I did in my Romans devotional, I split each chapter in half (with the exception of chapter six), meaning 11 pages of art and 11 pages of devotional content to accompany each half-chapter.

22 pages didn’t quite make for a long enough book, so I also included a lot more information on my creative process, how to start Bible lettering on your own, and even some fun alphabets, tips, and tricks to inspire you and help you get started! This was something I wished I would have been able to do in my last book, so I’m thankful the Lord gave me the opportunity to include this content in my new, 40-page book!


I need your help!

Last year, I launched a Kickstarter campaign to help cover the self-publishing costs for my first book. 74 people pre-ordered Romans: A Hand Lettered Devotional through that campaign, raising $3.6k, which covered the book’s first print run, ordering shipping materials, and some marketing costs. That pre-order campaign was very successful, but when it came to finally shipping the books out, it was much more complicated and expensive than I expected.

So, instead of launching another Kickstarter pre-order for Ephesians: A Hand Lettered Devotional, I decided to launch the pre-order right where I’ll be selling the book when it’s officially released: at my Etsy shop! This will make the shipping process much easier and less expensive so the money can go towards more fun things, like printing more books and getting the word out about this new book I put so much of my heart into!

What’s in it for you?

Those who choose to order anytime between today and September 19th will get some pretty great perks:

  • Free Shipping
  • Free Bookmarks
  • Signed Books

Order today to get the best deal I’ll be offering on my new book, Ephesians: A Hand Lettered Devotional. Thanks for helping me finish this project! I can’t wait for you all to see it when it’s officially released November 2018!



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