August Wins and Learns


I usually like to wait until the month is over to write these posts, but I’m in the mood to write and reflect today, so here we are. August has been a solid close to the summer and I experienced some big wins, so let’s start there:


  • I ventured out of the Midwest to visit somewhere I had never been before… Oregon! I left Minneapolis in desperate need of a break and came back ready to get back to work. It was a good breather from all the things I’ve been doing for the shop this summer, getting ready for my big fall launch that starts next week (Yay)!


  • While I was on vacation, we finished raising money for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation through the sales of Nearly Perfect Pins. When Luke and I got home, we donated $1,040! It was a pretty great feeling. Thanks to all who purchased pins and/or made a donation!


  • Early Bird Pre-Order for my new book, Ephesians: A Hand Lettered Devotionalopened. I am practically finished with this book! I’m currently working with my printer on some formatting things, they’ll send me a proof for me to approve, and then it’ll be just a week or two after that that I’ll have the first print run in stock! I would love your help covering some of these self-publishing costs, so please consider pre-ordering now through Sept. 19th. I’m offering exclusive perks for you early birds! I’ll send you signed books, free bookmarks, and won’t charge for shipping (that’s right! Free shipping)! I’m still planning on releasing Ephesians: A Hand Lettered Devotional to my Etsy shop the first week of November, but will most likely be shipping books out to the lovely early bird pre-order people early, as well as have it for sale at a local pop-up in October. More incentive to order early if free shipping, bookmarks, and signed copies weren’t enough! 😉


  • This is a general summer win, but I survived the summer! (Insert happy dance.) Seriously such a big win. Online retail is rough in the summer, but thanks to God’s provision and smart planning, I was able to stay afloat. I’m hopeful for the fall/winter season, but also a little nervous, which leads me to my learns…


  • I am about 60% hopeful, 40% fearful about the coming season. Business has been slow since May and I haven’t been growing like I was last fall and spring. After chatting with other online small business owners, I’m assured that this is totally normal. But, since things have been slow for about four months, it’s been easy for me to convince myself that I’m actually stuck here. I don’t really think I am deep down, but what if ?? Only God really knows what’s ahead but, I’m hoping for the best. I recently chatted with a friend who introduced me to the writings of Wendell Berry. He often compares life to farming – that there are seasons of harvest and seasons of sowing. I know this truth is all over Scripture, so I also found comfort in similar Bible verses as well. I’ve planted my seeds, tended my crops, and I’m ready for the harvest.


Enjoy your last moments of summer! I know summer technically continues into September, but September = fall in my own little world (and it’s my birthday month!), so I’ll do my thing and you can either join me or hold on tightly to summer as long as you can. Whatever you prefer, I hope we can still be friends. 😉

❤ Lauren

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