COVID-19 Update: Response to MN Stay at Home Order | 3/26/20

Not much has changed since my update a couple days ago, but for those of you with questions due to the Minnesota Stay at Home executive order, here are the answers:


  • The shop is still open!
    • All products are still available. Since I run my shop by myself at home, I am able to continue running my shop as usual.
    • I’m currently offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders in the U.S. and 20% OFF digital downloads. Click HERE to shop!
  • Orders will be shipped once per week.
    • I mentioned this in the last update, but I will only be shipping out orders once per week (usually Tuesdays). I do need to go to the post office to check my mailbox, so I will bring orders with me when I do that. The MN government does permit leaving home for groceries, gas, the pharmacy, even to get essential items for working from home, and I believe a trip to the post office falls under that category.
    • I will continue social distancing and following government recommendations while at the post office and avoid contact with others as much as possible. I will do so by visiting at the times I know are less busy, and dropping packages in the mailbox when small enough.

Additional information on shipping/handling, how I’m keeping my workspace and products clean, and even some personal updates and encouragements for you, please read my previous blog post.

Thanks and stay home and healthy! Continuing to pray for this community and for a swift, miraculous resolution to this pandemic!

❤ Lauren

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