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How to Read the Bible

We need to read the Bible to navigate all that’s happening in the world around us. We need to understand God’s truth in order to have a biblical worldview.⁠⠀

After chatting with a friend who is new to reading the Bible on her own, I was reminded that many in this community might not know how to do that. I get it. the Bible can be super intimidating at first! I didn’t grow up reading it on my own or understanding it. I only started reading it for myself when I put my faith in Christ in 2012. It’s never too late to start.⁠⠀

Even for seasoned Bible readers, keeping this little “roadmap” in mind as we read the Bible can be super helpful:⁠⠀

1) Pray. Ask God to give you understanding.⁠⠀
2) What’s the context?/What are the facts?⁠⠀
3) What did you learn about God? Yourself? Humanity?⁠⠀
4) How will you apply what you learned to your life.⁠

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