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Psalm 145:17

My husband and I have been doing a 90-day Bible reading plan this summer – listening on the Bible app at what feels like lightning speed! As I was listening through the Psalms, this verse stood out to me:⁠⠀

“the LORD is righteous in all his ways and kind in all his works.” -Psalm 145:17 ESV⁠⠀

This truth – this promise – is true for all time. It’s a reminder the church needs to remember right now. It’s a reminder we must always rest in as individuals, families, and communities. Our God is ALWAYS kind and ALWAYS righteous in His will and His way.⁠⠀

As I sit here and reflect on God’s kindness and righteousness, I’m reminded again that because of our sin, we are deserving of death, but through the blood of Christ, all who put their faith in Him are extended immeasurable grace and promised eternal life!⁠⠀

As believers, we cling to this promise, this hope – this confident assurance – through trials and seasons of suffering. We were not promised an easy life, in fact, we were promised we would suffer as Christ suffered. If our goal is to be made more like Him over the course of our lives, how could we not suffer in that process? He suffered the wrath of God so we wouldn’t have to. What kindness!⁠⠀

And I see His kindness in His commands. He tells us exactly what to do to avoid personal destruction and find life and peace. Even His warnings are an outpouring of His compassion!⁠⠀

Praise Jesus! Put your faith in Him. Worship Him – our righteous, kind God who never changes. 🙌🏽🙌🏿🙌🏻⁠

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