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My quiet time things

I haven’t been drawing much this summer, but felt like just doing something quick and simple. Since finishing my summer Bible reading plan, I’ve felt a bit more aimless in my quiet time, to be honest. I’m hoping with Bible study starting up again this week, that’ll change! It just goes to show how deeply I/we need God’s Word every day!⁠⠀

Here are my go-to things I use in my quiet time:⁠⠀
– Journal & pen⁠⠀
– Mini notebook for Scripture memory verses (idea credit goes to my MIL!)⁠⠀
– Coffee (Current fave: Nespresso pumpkin spice cake)⁠⠀
– ESV Bible⁠⠀
– Phone – Sometimes this is a big no no for me, but I love listening to the Bible on the Bible app! I’m such a slow reader!⁠⠀

What are your go-to quiet time things? Am I missing anything?⁠⠀

[Illustrastion created on @procreateand the iPad Pro. Watercolor brushes by @maxulichney]⁠

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