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Rejoice in the Lord Always

New hand-carved and printed block prints are now available in my shop! (Link in profile)⁠⠀

This design was inspired by Philippians 4:4 which says, “Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice.”⁠⠀

Admittedly, sometimes, I feel bad for being happy, joyful, and giggly, when there’s so much tension and pain in our world, but this verse reminds me that we are commanded to rejoice always. We can grieve what’s happening around the world, while simultaneously rejoicing in our good God and all the good He still surrounds us with, whether big or small.⁠⠀

I recently found an old journal page from when I was a little kid. My parents had me write three things I was thankful for every day, because I was just not a happy kid. I laughed to myself when I saw that I wrote, “I got to water my plant today.” 😂 Honestly, sometimes, that’s still the highlight of my day. Every good and perfect gift is from our Father in Heaven (James 1:17)… even plants! But thankfully, now I know my God and have abundantly more to be grateful for if I just pause, look around me, and listen. ⁠⠀

He is so so good. He is the reason we can rejoice in suffering. And He is so worthy. 🖤

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