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Big news!

‼️ BIG NEWS: I’ve decided I will be logging off social media indefinitely! BUT, I still want to keep this community alive here on my website and over email! Please join my mailing list and bookmark my website. I do not want to lose touch!

My reasons behind this big decision:

To be clear, I’m not being cancelled or pressured by negative comments. Thankfully that’s not something I typically deal with! I could not ask for a more positive community of people to show up for throughout the week. You have been the reason I keep coming back!⁠

But, I’ve been realizing everything outside of this amazing community is distracting me and damaging my witness. I get sucked into the explore feed, stories, reposts, opinions… it’s all too easy to engage in gossip and harbor bitterness. I can’t justify proclaiming truth here while allowing sinful patterns to continue behind the scenes.

I also don’t like the idea that we small business owners have to be on social media to be successful. I don’t like feeling “owned” by these big tech companies. I am a servant of God and refuse to be a slave to social media.⁠

I am beyond excited to step out in faith and see all God will do through this change. It’s been a longtime coming!

So, I’m taking a step back from Instagram and Facebook. However, I am not taking a step back from creating content and products that build up the body of Christ! ⁠

I invite you to join my mailing list, bookmark my website, and encourage your friends to do the same! I’ll be providing the same great content directly to inboxes and my website. I do not want to lose touch, so make sure you leave comments on my website and reply to emails! ⁠

I don’t know if this change will be for a short or long season. I’m trusting the Lord will make that very clear! But I am excited to show up for you with the content I love to make and you love to see, just in a different space. ❤️⁠

I’ll be spending the next few days getting the word out, then I’ll be logging off. Please help me get the word out if you feel so inclined! I’m so excited to create a positive space on my website for you to come, grow, and rest in Jesus. ❤️

2 thoughts on “Big news!

  1. Lauren, I applaud your decision and your courage! Way to go!! I am excited with you to see all that God will do through this change. Praying abundant blessings of grace, peace, joy, and guidance in all you do this year. Love and hugs sweet friend.

    1. Aw! Thank you so much, Heidi! Means a lot! Miss seeing you at Smith! Hope you and your family are doing well. 🙂

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