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Prayer for Spiritual Strength

Hello, friends! I am so grateful to be through the transition out of social media and be back to sharing artwork, products, and biblical truth!

Over my holiday break, I was inspired to create and try new things. I have been inspired by Mid-Century Modern design ever since I was a little girl, treasure hunting in antique shops with my mama. I wanted to explore what I could do with that look as an artist. As I was scrolling through Pinterest, I was really drawn to old book covers in this very minimal, geometric style and wanted to try something of my very own.

The “Prayer for Spiritual Strength” in Ephesians 3 was my biblical inspiration, so of course I started with shapes that looked like praying hands, which then turned into a pattern. (Do you see the hands?) 🙏🏻

About a year ago, at a women’s ministry event at my church, we were encouraged to pray this prayer for someone in our life who hasn’t put their faith in Jesus – someone who doesn’t yet understand that what makes us strong is not what the world says, but what God says in His Word and what He does through the power of His Spirit.

Lately, my heart has been burdened for the people in my life who don’t know Jesus and are attempting to find strength in the wrong places. I don’t know how people are getting through these trying times without the kind of strength only faith in Christ can provide.

This week, I’d love to challenge you to join me in praying this prayer for someone in your life who needs Jesus. If you click to the second image above, you’ll see I changed the wording for your convenience to really make the prayer your own. I made the changes to help you focus on someone else, but maybe you are the one in need of strength. Maybe you feel weak in your faith. If so, I encourage you to pray for yourself. If you are concerned about it, let me assure you, it is not selfish to pray for yourself.

I look forward to praying with you all! Trust that God is moving in the seen and unseen. ❤️

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4 thoughts on “Prayer for Spiritual Strength

  1. Praying for my husband’s coworkers. They’ve been working this whole time through the pandemic as essential employees and just found out their department is closing. They aren’t losing their jobs, but the stress is super high and I can’t imagine how they are getting through it without Christ!

    1. Aw Val! They are so blessed to have you praying on their behalf!

  2. Thanks for this, Lauren! Happy to see you in my inbox this morning.

    1. Aw! So happy to see your comment, Lauren! ❤️

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