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More exciting news to share with you…

I have been dying to share some exciting news with you. Life keeps happening and this announcement just keeps getting pushed out. You ready?

How about a little back story first?

About three weeks before Thanksgiving, I decided it was finally time for me to open my own, independent online shop. I started researching e-commerce platforms, even started building a shop. But, then I realized I was way in over my head if I was going to get it all done well before the holiday shopping rush. And, you definitely don’t want to work through new shop hiccups during that time. So, I put it on hold, determining it would be my top priority for 2021.

Then, I got back from my Christmas break and decided, social media just wasn’t for me anymore. I just had to get off for my own sanity and to be obedient to what I felt the Lord was leading me to do. So, getting this website updated and getting my social media followers over here and to a new and improved mailing list became my top priority.

We’re a few weeks into this new change and I’m still figuring out how to continue reaching people outside this community. But, I determined I was finally ready to move forward. I was ready to get to work, get a date on the calendar, and get this new and improved shop launched! So, mark your calendars for March 8th!

I am so excited for this fresh start! As I’ve thought about what I want this new shop to include and convey to my community, it’s these four main changes that come to mind:

Changes I want to implement in the new shop

More handmade and original artwork

I have collected quite a few original pieces from my favorite artists. I appreciate their unique details, vibrant colors, value, and what emotions the bring to my heart. This is something I wanted to provide that for my community as well. The block print in the video above is just one of a handful of original pieces I’ve been working on behind the scenes!

More American-made products

I don’t have the capacity or resources to create every physical product by hand. So when I need to work with another company to bring a product to life, I am making a commitment to being more intentional about working with other small shops and businesses that manufacture in America. Why? Because I am grateful for this country. There are so many amazing, hardworking people right here to be discovered and supported.

More earth-friendly packaging

We are called by God to be good stewards of the earth and it just doesn’t sit right with me that running an online shop = a lot of waste. I’ve chosen to invest in better packaging and shipping materials that can be recycled or composted. So please help me by recycling your packages after receiving your orders! 😉

A better shopping experience for this community

I am so grateful for Etsy and would not be where I am today without that platform, but over the past few years, there have been a lot of changes I haven’t loved, from both a shop owner and customer perspective. I wanted to create a space away from all that so we all can have a better, more peaceful and enjoyable shopping experience centered on, you guessed it, JESUS!

Anyway, stay tuned for more updates as this launch date approaches! Along with this launch will be LOTS of new products I hope to reveal as March 8th approaches!

Shop is now open! Click here to browse.

2 thoughts on “More exciting news to share with you…

  1. Yay! This is SO exciting! ❤️

    1. I’m so glad you’re excited! Can’t wait to show you all the new products! The ideas just keep coming!

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