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Jesus Block Print Process / New Shop Update

Hi everybody!

A couple weeks ago, I announced I will be opening a new shop on March 8, 2021 right here on my website. So many of you reached out to share your excitement and encouragements, which truly blessed me – thank you! I actually was super hesitant to make the announcement, because at the time, I was really struggling to figure out how to get my shop built on here and was seriously doubting if I’d be able to make it happen. It took three days of learning before I made any visible progress, but I’m happy to say nearly all my existing products are loaded to the new shop! Praise God!!

Now that I’ve started figuring out the technical side of things, the website building part of it has gotten a bit more fun. But, the funnest part has been creating new products! Above is a video of my new Jesus block print, which will be available in black or blue ink as an 8×10″ print. I already have this one hanging in my office and I love the modern touch it adds to my space. A handful of my new products were inspired by mid-century modern graphic design and I’m so excited to add this type of work to my collection. It’s been super fun experimenting with different ways to create pieces that point us back to God and His Word.

Stay tuned for more updates and previews of what’s to come! I’m grateful for a community of people who are excited right along with me. 🖤 Your enthusiasm is great motivation, so thank you so much for your love and support!

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