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Sneak peek at new products coming in two weeks!

The new shop is opening two weeks from today and I’m so excited to share some sneak peeks at what I’ve been working on (and these are just a few of the new items)!

My main motivation behind launching this new shop is to create a better shopping experience right here on my website. I want everyone that comes here to grow in their understanding and love for Jesus, to be creatively inspired, and shop for well-designed, well-made decor and gifts inspired by biblical truth.

I used to work at a Christian bookstore and gift shop, so I got very familiar with what types of products were on the market and readily available to the body of Christ. While there were definitely some beautifully designed and well-made products, many lacked both of those attributes. And, it was especially hard to find products that were more modern in design, which better fit my personal style and personality. At the time I didn’t have any plans of making my own products or opening an online shop, but I think my experience at the bookstore was like a seed planted which grew in me a desire to create unique, modern, well-made, well-designed artwork and products that boldly proclaimed biblical truth.

It started with a growing love for hand lettering and a few digital prints I listed on my Etsy shop over four years ago and it has grown into a shop with a variety of products, not just hand lettering, but books, digital resources, graphic design, typography, block printing, illustrations, and the list goes on. My shop has grown in more ways than one, so it felt like the perfect time to give it a new space right here on my website.

I have worked hard to provide a calming place on the internet for all to come and reflect on the goodness of God and I am excited for this new shop to be an extension of that, so you not only come here for my posts, but also come here to find those special daily reminders to display in your home, wear on your jacket, read during your quiet time, and give as gifts to encourage loved ones.

Just two more weeks and the brand new shop will be launched! I hope you will be there to celebrate this new chapter with me and find some special items that remind you of the hope we have in Christ. 🖤

Mailing list subscribers will be getting exclusive discounts, so make sure you sign up to join my community!

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