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New shop, new products launch in one week!

The shop launch is just one week away!

Boy oh boy, has this transition been a labor of love! I am working on this website all on my own, so it has been a huge learning experience. Thankfully, my husband is a software developer. He has been a huge help when I’ve run into hiccups that I can’t find an answer for on the internet. I’m so grateful for him!

I’ve been thinking back on late October/early November when I thought about getting this shop up and running before Thanksgiving. That would have been a disaster! I’m grateful God gave me patience to wait until I had more time. Even with several weeks to work with, there have been a lot of long afternoons of taking and editing new photos. There have been many late nights uploading and updating products. I’ve spent long hours designing the website and troubleshooting the many problems that pop up. And all of this was on top of my regular work responsibilities with other companies and clients.

It’s been busy around here. A lot of hard work! But, I’ve done several big projects over the years and know it’s the ones that cause you to grind, persevere, and rely on the Lord to give you the abilities to accomplish them that are the most rewarding in the end. Holding onto that hope!

I’ve been asked if opening this new shop means I will close my Etsy shop. For now, I will be leaving it open since about 30% of my sales still come directly from Etsy searches. However, this new shop will be the home base from now on. All new products will be uploaded here first. In fact, I will not have time to get all the new products loaded to Etsy until days or weeks after this launch. I’ll be focused on updating my wholesale shop next, Etsy will come last.

I know Etsy is so convenient, but I invite you to shop here for several reasons.

By shopping directly on my website:

  1. You will be supporting my efforts to create a shopping experience centered on Christ.
    • I’ve been working hard to create an online space that feels cozy, calm, and peaceful – a comfortable place to browse and convenient way to shop, centered on God and His Word.
  2. More of your money will be going directly to me, a Jesus-loving small business owner, and less to giant companies.
    • There are so many hidden expenses on my end with Etsy: transaction fees, listing fees, shipping fees… the list goes on and on. There are significantly less fees on my end when orders are placed right here on my website, so your dollar goes a lot further.
  3. You’ll be able to shop without the distractions of ads and unwanted product suggestions.
    • When you come here, you’ll know what to expect: Jesus-centered, quality, well-designed products.
  4. You’ll be able to create an account for quick and easy transactions in the future!
    • It’s super easy and safe! I don’t see your payment info, and the personal info I do see (name, address, email, phone), I never give away or sell. (See my privacy policy.)

A more mindful way to shop, not just here

If you shop a lot on Etsy, I recommend searching a shop or asking the owner if they have a website you can shop from first. I know it’s slightly inconvenient. But until recently, even I (who has been doing this online shop thing for a few years now) didn’t realize how much more you can support shop owners by shopping directly on their website. I’ve started doing this instead of shopping Amazon when I can too! Some will be like the old me and only be on Etsy, Amazon, or wherever, I get it! It’s a great way to start! But, those who have independent shops on their websites will be so grateful for the extra effort you took to support their small business.

See you next week!

It’s crunch time, so unfortunately, I will not be back this week with my usual art and scripture meditation post. But stick around! There’s plenty more of that to come, as well as a brand new, beautiful shop with tons of new items to choose from (including a super exciting one that I’m still waiting for from a new manufacturer in New York)!

Mailing list subscribers will get an exclusive coupon code, so make sure you join my community and introduce yourself!

Launch day is March 8th! See you then!

Xo Lauren

Shop is now open! Click here to browse.

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