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Easter is in 3 weeks!

It’s that time of year! We are in the midst of the lenten season, chicks, bunnies, and eggs are popping up wherever we go, reminding us Easter is right around the corner… also reminding us how hard it can be to keep Christ at the center of this season. (Can I get an amen??)

I would love to help you keep Christ at the center of your Easter baskets and gifts this year! And if you have yet to check out the new shop, today is the time to do it since I’m offering 15% off everything today only!

2 thoughts on “Easter is in 3 weeks!

  1. You are the most wonderful person, I just accepted jesus as my lord and savior.

    1. Well thank you, but oh my goodness! Congratulations!! If you need any help learning how to grow in your faith, I send out a bunch of free resources to my community. Praising God for your new life in Christ! ❤️

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