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My Quiet Time Routine

To celebrate now having 10+ patrons on Patreon, I’ve created an exclusive video sharing my quiet time routine. You can watch this 2-minute version here. But if you’d like access to the full 12-minute version, you can become a patron for as little as $3 per month!

Watch the full video about my quiet time routine:

If you are already a patron, log on to your Patreon account to access the full video and learn about why it’s important to have a quiet time, hear about my quiet time routine, and hear some additional things for you to consider.

Why Patreon?

Selling products and working with like-minded companies keeps my business running. However, the content people connect with the most is on my blog and mailing list. I love creating inspiring artwork, free resources, blog posts, and weekly emails to encourage my community. It’s one of my favorite things I do! The only downside is, that type of work doesn’t bring in much income.

To clarify, I don’t do it for the income. I would do it regardless of whether I had additional help. But, running and growing a blog and mailing list costs money. And, if I am being compensated for even a little bit of my time writing and creating free content, I can devote more of my work hours to discipling my community!

So, please prayerfully consider supporting my mission by becoming a monthly giver on Patreon. Your pledges make it possible for me to reach more people and spend more time creating content that builds up the body of Christ! Will you join me in this mission?

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