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My name is Lauren Ibach (that’s pronounced “eye-bock” 😉) and I am a hand lettering artist and shop owner located just outside Minneapolis, MN. I have always had a fascination with lettering, but it wasn’t until I picked up my first brush pen in the fall of 2015 that I really fell in love with the art. Just a year later, in the fall of 2016, I opened my Etsy shop and since then I’ve released dozens of hand-lettered and faith-inspired products including books, art prints, enamel pins, and more!

Aside from running my Etsy shop, I do custom work for individuals and companies. I take on a variety of projects, but my main focus is faith-based lettering – which has literally been a dream come true! I am so thankful I get to call my passion my job and I never could have imagined the opportunities that would come from sharing my faith and hand-lettered art with the world over the past few years.

When I’m not busy lettering, you can find me at my favorite coffee shop, on a walk with my husband Luke, practicing my illustration skills, or knitting a gift for a friend.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me!



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