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God is Amazing.

The Gospel.⁠⠀

Who is the focus? Jesus.⁠⠀

Solid truth always has God, His character, His heart… THE GOSPEL at the center. ⠀

Let’s pray for wisdom. Let’s pray for discernment and compare everything we hear and read to what God says in the Bible. Let’s follow leaders and influencers who exalt Jesus and the Bible above their own words and experiences. Let’s center our beliefs – minds, hearts, souls… our entire way of living on Him alone.⁠⠀

Here are a few truths that come to mind that help me personally with discernment and guard me against false teachings and false ways of thinking:⠀

▪️Jesus says, “Follow Me.” (Matthew 4:19)⁠⠀

▪️Jesus is enough. (Romans 8:1-8)⁠⠀

▪️No one is righteous on their own. Through Christ we are declared righteous. (Romans 3:10-12)⁠⠀

▪️Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. (Proverbs 3:5-6)⁠⠀

▪️There is one Truth and it’s what God has spoken through His Word (the Bible). (John 15:6 & 2 Timothy 3:16-17)⁠⠀

▪️The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, and self control. (Galatians 5:22-23)⁠⠀

▪️God is amazing. He loves us even though we sin. By grace, through faith He forgives, calls us righteous in His sight, promising eternal life, not because we are good, but because He is good. (John 3:16-21)⁠⠀

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It’s Time To…

Wisdom from our pastor at @mngracechurch. Wanna know what to be doing now?⁠⠀

It’s Time To:⁠⠀

1) Pray for godly change⁠⠀
2) Stay humble – we all have blind spots⁠⠀
3) Be a part of the solution, not the problem⁠⠀
4) Be peacemakers⁠⠀
5) Keep the Gospel central to everything⁠⠀
6) Win people to Christ – it’s the way we change culture⁠⠀
7) Take your cues from God’s Word (not the latest tweet)⁠⠀
8) Have conversations instead of making declarations⁠⠀
9) Do good⁠⠀
10) Love deeply & refuse to let the enemy divide you⁠

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How to Read the Bible

We need to read the Bible to navigate all that’s happening in the world around us. We need to understand God’s truth in order to have a biblical worldview.⁠⠀

After chatting with a friend who is new to reading the Bible on her own, I was reminded that many in this community might not know how to do that. I get it. the Bible can be super intimidating at first! I didn’t grow up reading it on my own or understanding it. I only started reading it for myself when I put my faith in Christ in 2012. It’s never too late to start.⁠⠀

Even for seasoned Bible readers, keeping this little “roadmap” in mind as we read the Bible can be super helpful:⁠⠀

1) Pray. Ask God to give you understanding.⁠⠀
2) What’s the context?/What are the facts?⁠⠀
3) What did you learn about God? Yourself? Humanity?⁠⠀
4) How will you apply what you learned to your life.⁠

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Faith Over Fear: Finding Lasting Peace In Uncertain Circumstances


I’m looking at this COVID-19 season as an opportunity: an opportunity to draw near to Christ. It’s my hope that God will use me to encourage others to do the same, so we all can find deeper rest and peace in Him.

I am excited to share this blog post I wrote for The Homebody Society, which includes personal stories, a list of several practical ways to choose faith over fear, and tons of scripture for you to cling to and be reminded of.



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How Hand Lettering Changed My Life


Four years ago, in September 2015, I bought my first brush pen and fell in love instantly. To celebrate my 4-year “calligraversary” I thought some of you might be interested to hear my story about why I got started and how the Lord used what started as a relaxing hobby to change the trajectory of my life.

How it all began

Back in 2015 I was pursuing a career as a contemporary Christian singer/songwriter and had just finished an internship at a local church. My supervisors told me there would be an on-staff worship leader position opening in less than a year. I really wanted the job, so I chose to wait. I began working a few hours a week as a barista while pursuing a solo music career, but still had a lot of time on my hands. So, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to learn a new skill – brush lettering.


I had been into block letters, cursive, making my normal handwriting as pretty as possible, and “fauxligraphy.” (That’s where you write with a regular pen and go back and make all the downstrokes of the letters thicker to look like calligraphy – see this lyric video I created back in 2013 for one of my songs using this technique!) Hand lettering was starting to become more mainstream when I started practicing, so up until then, I didn’t know what to call it. I just knew I liked creating pretty word pictures of Bible verses, quotes from sermons, and lyrics from worship music in my free time. <3

A slow transition

I started sharing my brush-lettered quotes on Instagram right away. I knew I wasn’t very good yet, but I loved what I was making and couldn’t help but share! My Instagram account started as a place to share my music endeavors and a bit about my personal life. But, the more I shared my lettering, the more that account grew – if you scroll down far enough, you can see this transition happen! When I look back, it’s almost like I can see my heart begin to shift from music to lettering. It’s pretty cool to have that visual reminder.


One of the very first quotes I brushed lettered was “how great Thou art.” And I letter it every year to mark my calligraversary and see how my style changes from year to year. It’s one of my favorite little traditions!

My love for lettering began growing and so did my scope of work. I got the job at the church and was doing more and more custom lettering work on the side. I had grown tired of the hustle and challenges that came with gigging as a solo musician singing outwardly Christian lyrics. I loved lettering so much and knew that I was onto something, so I poured my heart into that and less and less into songwriting. I felt really conflicted about it, but still got to sing and lead worship every weekend for my job, so I felt like I was getting the best of both worlds.

After I got married in October 2016 I opened an Etsy shop to try selling some of my own designs. I started with digital prints, then found a printer I really liked and started selling actual paper prints. My custom orders kept coming in, but the shop sales were really slow. (I’m talking 1-2 sales per month for the first several months!) But, in the summer of 2017, things started to change when I decided to turn a personal Romans lettering project into a devotional. When I announced I’d be self-publishing my first book, Romans: A Hand Lettered Devotional, I knew I was onto something bigger than I had planned. Hundreds of people (even strangers!) were getting behind a project that wasn’t even finished yet and I was blown away.

FullSizeRender 17

Going all in

While I was getting ready to release the book, I was feeling more and more conflicted about my job at the church. There were things I loved about it more than anything, but I also knew I wouldn’t be there forever. I told myself I’d be there two more years. (If that were the case, I’d just be finishing! Crazy!) But, a week after I said that, I had clarity that it was time to leave. The timing made no sense. My husband had just decided he was going back to school, my tiny business was not ready… but, God had a plan!

The Lord’s plans

Two years after all of that, here we are, and it’s clear He did have a plan. I could write an entire book about the highs and lows of the self-employed life and the unforeseen trials Luke and I faced over the past two years. But, I’ll attempt to sum it all up in just a few final sentences.


God turned something I kind of just fell into into something I wanted to put my all into. He has used hand lettering to help me rest in His goodness. He uses it to test my faith in Him, to build trust that He will provide my every need, to teach me about the downfalls of self-reliance, to show me the peace that comes with relying on Him, to humble me… I’ve learned a lot of lessons and in so many ways, I am still in the learning process.


I celebrate this anniversary, not to just celebrate a great passion of mine, but the great work Jesus has done in my life since picking up that first brush pen. All glory to Him for the work that has been done and the work He will do in and through me! I am extremely humbled that the Creator of the universe wants to use me in this way and that so many of you have been a part of the journey. Thank you!

<3 Lauren

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Grow In Your Faith This Summer


“Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit by itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in me.”John 15:4 ESV

This post contains affiliate links.

Summer is finally getting started! Many of our schedules change over the summer and it can be easy to let our spiritual growth become an afterthought. But, what if we made it our number one priority? It can be challenging to know where to start, so I wanted to provide a few resources for you to consider. We need God’s Word, prayer, and community to grow, so I’ve listed some books, studies, accounts, and suggestions below to consider.

The Word

Holy Bible

If you haven’t invested in a good study Bible, there is no time like the present! You can learn so much from just reading from a great study Bible daily. I love my ESV study Bible. I really like the ESV translation because it is more of a word-for-word translation, but it’s still written in language we can understand. If you are newer to reading the Bible, you might better understand a thought-for-thought translation like the NIV. But, I wouldn’t get hung up on the translation. I’ve heard it said, the best translation is the one you pick up and read. 🙂
Romans_Bible_Tea copy
P.S. When you’re on the go or needing to quick look up a verse, using the Bible App or Bible Gateway are great options too!


A great way to go even deeper as you read the Bible, is by reading a commentary. I love The Be Series by Warren W. Wiersbe. I’ve linked “The Gospels” bundle, but you can find any book of the Bible. I cannot express enough how much I love these commentaries. I highly recommend these books and know you will grow so much if you use these as companions to your Bible reading. There are even a few questions at the end of each chapter for you to reflect on!



I would love to help you grow in your faith this summer and I’ve written two devotionals you should definitely check out if you are looking for something less in-depth than a commentary. Ephesians: A Hand Lettered Devotional breaks down each chapter in half, Romans: A Hand Lettered Devotional is broken down by whole chapters, and both include intricate hand lettered art to spark creativity and help with scripture memory,  along with thought provoking devotional content to help you apply what you’ve read to your life and remember the main ideas of each chapter. (An additional perk is you can save a lot by ordering both together!)
Books_on_the_Couch copy


Prayer is essential to growing in our faith, because it’s really all about growing in our relationship with Christ and that takes knowledge and understanding through His Word, but also requires communication with our Savior.

Prayer Journal

If you are like me and struggle to sit down, pray, and get your thoughts in order, a prayer journal might be really helpful for you. I recently released my Guided Prayer Journal to help you grow in your prayer life, whether you are a long-time believer or are getting to know Jesus for the first time. I’ve included prompts for praise, gratitude, confession, reminders to pray and read your Bible, and space to write and reflect on prayers for yourself and others. I have been keeping a prayer journal for over seven years and I’ve been working through the journal. I can honestly say, I am so thankful for the balance the Guided Prayer Journal has added to my prayer life.



Connect with others near you

I have learned more than ever this year that community is essential to growing in our relationships with Christ. When we surround ourselves with like-minded people who are also actively seeking the Lord, we are strengthened! Iron sharpens iron (Proverbs 27:17)! Attending church is important (keep doing that this summer!), but right now I’m talking about making room for fellowship outside the Sunday morning church service. You can join a Bible study – look into what your church or other churches in the area might be offering – or it can be as simple as making time to get coffee with one or two friends every other week with the intention of talking about what the Lord is teaching you and praying together. I am involved in Bible Study Fellowship during most of the year, so I usually just get together with a few friends regularly over the summer and making that time a priority in the summer is so sweet!romansdevotional_016 copy

Connect with others online

I hesitated to add this section, but I did think it was necessary. Community online can be amazing, but as much as I love following and connecting with other women who love and share about Christ on social media, I’ve found that it can be harder to get deep and have an actual conversation when you’re just connecting over DMs and comments. If we’re on social media, I think it’s very important to follow, connect, and communicate with others, instead of just scrolling mindlessly through our feeds, consuming whatever comes up. I’ve listed just a few women I have connected with – some have books, some have “official” ministries of their own, some just love sharing the love of Christ, some are close friends of mine, others are friends I only know through chatting here and there online. I hope you’ll be encouraged by what they’re sharing!



Hope you have a great summer and that even just one of these resources were helpful to you or that they’ll lead you to other great resources. Remember, Jesus wants our whole hearts. He doesn’t want to just be a part of our daily routine, He wants to be the center of our lives! Our time with Him helps us recenter and keep Him first throughout the day and He deserves to be made first! So, especially in the summer when things are busy, focus on the quality of your time with Him. Instead of asking yourself, “Did I spend time with the Lord today?” ask yourself questions like:

  • What is the Lord teaching me today?
  • How is God speaking to me today?
  • What truths are God revealing and reminding me about Himself?

It can be easy for us to worry about the amount of  time spent, but really He just wants to connect with us, meet with us, reveal more of Himself to us, and make us more like Himself. Sure, more time can really be a benefit, but if we focus more on the connection, instead of worrying about hitting a specific time frame, that’s when we will grow and fall deeper in love with Jesus.


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Recommitting My Work to the Lord

Lauren_Ibach_Proverbs 16.3

“Commit your work to the LORD and your plans will be established.” – Proverbs 16:3

I shared in a recent Instagram post that I have been feeling restlessness in my life – especially in my work. I’ve been praying my heart would be aligned to Christ and it didn’t take long for Him to start answering that prayer. However, it took a little bit more time and a good nudge for me to really start responding.

The turning point

At the beginning of May, I was a vendor at Minneapolis Pinners Conference. This was a dream come true for me and I saw it as a career milestone. However, God used the event not only as a milestone, but as a turning point in my career and life.

27027808_Unknown 2

I met so many wonderful people at the conference and had some great conversations that really got me thinking about my purpose as a creative small business owner. I walked into the event with a new realization that I had been making a lot of decisions based on what other people in the professional lettering community were doing instead of looking to God for wisdom and guidance. But, I wasn’t totally sure what to do with that knowledge.

After processing the entire event and many insightful conversations with other vendors, teachers, and attendees, I realized that I first needed to stop doing what other successful people are doing or saying to do and assuming it will be right for me. I had gotten caught up in the hustle and was starting to realize the things I was striving for weren’t 100% in line with how God wanted to use me and my gifts.

My response

I responded to these new realizations by taking some time off from posting on social media. Planning content sucks up so much of my time, so I knew by cutting that out for a bit, I would be opening up so much more time to pray, read my Bible, listen to sermons, meet with friends, and begin figuring out how God wants to use me. I also knew that I needed to re-evaluate the content I was putting out there and place my trust in the Lord to provide, instead of relying so much on my marketing efforts. Taking a break from posting for a couple weeks needed to happen for a lot of reasons and I’m so glad I took that time to reset.

I am amazed by all the things the Lord has been teaching me in just the past few weeks. The list really goes on and on and I’m excited to share more about those things in future social media and blog posts. I am still very much in the process of discovering how God specifically wants to use me, but what I do know for sure is that He wants me to go all in for Him. He wants me to give up my control, my ideas of what I think is gonna work, and allow Him to show me what He’s capable of. Not just so I can experience His best for me, but more importantly, so I can be used for His greater purposes.


Moving forward

Like I said, I’m still learning a lot and figuring out where God is leading me. I know it will be a never ending process and I’m excited to see how the journey will impact what I share with this supportive, kind, loving community I get to be a part of.

I was hoping to end this post with what you can expect from me in the future, but really all I can say is, expect change. Expect more Jesus. I don’t want my shop and posts to be about hand lettering or even about me. I want my hand lettering and creativity to be used as a tool to point myself and others back to Him.

<3 Lauren

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My Everyday Lettering Tools

This post contains affiliate links.


Whether you’re a brush letterer or an iPad letterer, I’m sure you have your go-to lettering tools. In this post I’ll be sharing the tools I use daily, but if you want a more extensive list, visit my resource page where I have much more detailed lists of other products I love for lettering. The ones I’ll be sharing today are the ones I use most frequently, so let’s get started!

Brush Lettering


Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pens

Tombow Fudenosuke brush pens are not just my favorite, but they’re a favorite of many – amateurs and pros alike! I couldn’t tell you if I like the hard or soft tip better. It really depends from project to project.  I love how versatile they are, that they are a great brush pen no matter what your skill level may be, and they last a long time, especially with the right kind of paper. Which leads me to my next go-to tool…

Smooth Card Stock

You can use the Tombow Fudenosuke brush pens on any kind of paper, but what I have found is they last the longest when you use them on a smooth card stock. I don’t really have a brand preference, but I’ve linked some paper here if you’d like a recommendation. 😉


Delde Pen Case

This is my all-time favorite pen pouch. I mean, come on! How can you top this design?? I like having a collection of pens with me wherever I go and it’s so nice to not have to dig for the right pen like I do with other cases that store pens horizontally. You simply pull down the top half to access your pens easily and pull the top half back up to close it. I love that it’s like a pen cup to go. 😉 This is my favorite one, because of the simple color and metal zipper, but I also have one in blue and gray one with a plastic zipper for spare pens. It comes in quite a few colors so you’ll definitely want to check them out if you like this pen case!

iPad Lettering


iPad Pro + Apple Pencil

For many of you, this one might seem like a no-brainer, but I still get a fair amount of questions about what kind of tablet I use. There have been more recent iPad versions that have come out since I first got mine in the fall of 2016, but since I’m giving you all my personal recommendations, I have linked the iPad that I currently have. (I would love to get the newer, bigger iPad Pro one of these days!)


It wouldn’t be worth having the iPad Pro if I didn’t have the Apple Pencil I’ve tried other digital pencils and none of them compare to the Apple Pencil. The Apple Pencil hooks up to the iPad via Bluetooth and is pressure sensitive, which is a must to have as a calligrapher! Again, I have the first version and would love to get the new one with the latest iPad Pro, but it’s such a fabulous stylus, I doubt I would notice a huge difference between the two!


Procreate is the app I use for my lettering and illustration. I first fell in love with it because of how intuitive it is to use, unlike more complicated programs like Adobe Illustrator – which I am always learning to use and has also become a staple for the kind of lettering work I do!


Procreate Brushes

Procreate comes with a lot of default brushes, but my favorite are the ones I created myself. I use my Essential Brush Pack for the vast majority of my lettering work and I offer this brush pack, as well as a similar brush pack called the Natural Brush Pack, which looks similar to my essential brushes, but they have a more natural look to them… much like the Tombow Fudenosuke brush pens I mentioned above!


Procreate Grids

Procreate is slowly improving the default grid system within the app, but it still doesn’t measure up to the grids I created for Procreate. I created five grids with common paper size dimensions and if you set your canvases to the correct dimensions mentioned in the Etsy or Creative Market listings, the grids will lock perfectly to your canvas and represent accurate dimensions in inches, divided into half-inches and all the way down to quarter-inches. If you aren’t worried about exact measurements, Procreate has a locking feature that will lock whatever grid and size it to fit your screen. I use the grids both ways! Sometimes I need to know exact sizing for custom orders, other times I just need some guidance to keep my lettering straight and centered on the page. If you want to learn more about how the grids work, watch this video tutorial where I share how great these grids are to have and how easy they are to use!


Again, these are my daily go-to lettering tools. If you’d like to see more of my favorite tools I use less often, make sure to visit my resource page for the full list!

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<3 Lauren

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Strong & Courageous

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9 ESV


I’m so excited to being sharing the ‘why’ behind my latest enamel pin design which says, “strong & courageous.” More often than not, there is a story behind each of my designs and in this case there are two – the biblical story and my personal one.

As I’ve mentioned in a few posts on social media, I’ve been studying books in the Old Testament with BSF this year. We started in September with the book of Joshua and I was amazed by how the Holy Spirit used that book to speak to me and meet me in a season filled with unknowns.

God’s story

I highly encourage you to read the book of Joshua on your own, but today, I’m mainly going to focus on Joshua 1 – even more specifically Joshua 1:9. To give you some context, the book of Joshua opens with the Lord declaring Joshua the new Israelite leader after the death of Moses. They have reached the land God promised to give them after 40 years of wandering through the desert. And in this chapter, the Lord is preparing Joshua to lead the Israelites in taking possession of the land. God not only gives Joshua clear commands on how Joshua should move forward, but He also encourages Joshua. He commands Joshua to “be strong and courageous,” to not be afraid, and to remember that He would be with Joshua and the Israelites wherever they went, whatever they came across.

Joshua was constantly asking the Lord for guidance as He led the Israelites, in each decision. When they followed the Lord’s commands, they prospered, but when they took matters into their own hands, they perished. And, in the Lord’s great and rich mercy, He forgave them when they realized what they had done wrong and continued to guide them. In order to be led, the Israelites had to be willing to follow – they had to trust that even when God’s way appeared difficult and impossible, He would keep all of His promises in His perfect timing.


His strength in me

As I studied the book of Joshua, I was drawn to Joshua’s relationship with the Lord – how he confided, listened, and really trusted the Lord. However, I saw a lot more of myself in the Israelites. Like them, I like to take things into my own hands, forgetting that God knows the future. Therefore, I need to be willing to be led and I can’t be led when I’m constantly trying to take control of my circumstances. I need to trust in His promises and as I read at the end of my study of Joshua, He will not back down on His promises (Joshua 21:45).


God continues to speak to me through His word as I make my way through many of the books in the Old Testament. He continues to remind me to trust Him. Not just to ask for more strength, but to pray that Christ would actually be my strength – that in Him alone I’ll be made strong and courageous, not through my own attempts to change.

My hope for you

It is my hope that you too will be inspired to find strength in Christ. That you would let go and let Him take the lead in your life – that He would fill you with His strength and give you the courage to endure whatever trials you might be facing. You can attempt to take on life’s battles on your own, but I’m here to tell you today that it’s so much better when you allow Christ to lead the way. Only He knows the future. He will comfort you, protect you, encourage you, and not just give you strength, but with fill you with His strength!

So, say yes to Jesus today, whether it be for the first time or hundredth time. Allow Him to lead you and see what He has in store for you! He reminds Joshua – and us – over and over again not to be afraid! He will be with you wherever You go and will always keep His promises!

<3 Lauren


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My Soul Finds Rest


This post contains affiliate links.

I’ve shared occasionally on podcasts and social media about rest and my determination to make that a priority in my life. But, I haven’t really shared one-on-one with my community about how I make rest a priority and why. Since the new year is still young and fresh starts are still on the minds of many, I feel like now is the perfect time to talk about rest and why you should consider making more time for rest in your life as well.

Rest in my life

For the past few years, I have been keeping a “Sabbath” day. I use that word loosely, because to me it means so much more than a day of rest, but a day to keep holy and spend with family and that is not always the case for me… but I’m working my way there! I decided to dedicate one day a week to rest from work and scheduled plans after several years of studying scripture, as well as reading books on the topic, like John Mark Comer’s Garden City.

Many people think of Sunday as the Sabbath. I have been working nearly every Sunday as a worship leader for the past five years, so Sunday has never exactly been a Sabbath day for me personally. A day filled with worship, yes, but rest? Not so much when I’m up at 5:30 AM and not done until sometimes 13 hours later! (Phew!) So, my day of rest has fallen on Tuesdays, Fridays, and for the past couple years it has been Mondays. I pick one consistent day of the week, not a different day each week, because I believe keeping consistency is important.

So what do my Mondays look like? Well, I rest from work – which includes product design, custom orders, email, Etsy convos, and all social media. I don’t have a personal Instagram account, but truthfully, even if I did, it would be just too tempting to check up on my work stuff, so I hide my Facebook and Instagram apps on a separate “page” on my home screen. I also rest from scheduled plans. As an introvert, it’s necessary for me to have a day with no obligations. If I feel like making last minute plans that day, I do, but I keep it open beforehand. So what do I do? I sleep in, I spend an hour or two journaling and working on my Bible study lesson for the week, I read, I nap, I indulge in something creative, usually unrelated to work (AKA hand lettering) like knitting or drawing… those are the typical activities, but sometimes I’ll go visit my parents, watch a movie, or hang out with friends in the evening.


The downside to my current arrangement is I’m still sticking to the same routine I did when I was single. I’d love to share a day of rest with my husband, but he’s in school and working, so it’s been nearly impossible to coordinate. I would like to start making rest a bigger priority in my marriage and we can hopefully start cultivating that as a couple once he’s out of school and has a more consistent schedule. Rest as a couple just happens in shorter, more frequent, less consistent periods of time right now. It’s a work in progress!

My main focus is keeping the spirit of the Sabbath and remembering Jesus is Lord over the Sabbath. It’s not about keeping legalistic practices or holding myself and my marriage to a standard of perfection in this area. That’s not rest. It starts with making the commitment to a day of rest. As we seek the Lord in our time of rest, He’ll reveal to us how we can rest in Him more fully – a rest that is peaceful and restorative as described in Psalm 23.


Practical ways to prioritize rest in your own life

Now, I am totally aware of my unique circumstances. I’m self-employed with no kids, so I realize in many ways it’s easier for me to set aside an entire day of rest, but I will say, whether you’re single, married, have children, are employed by someone else, or create your own work schedule, keeping a day of rest is a sacrifice, a challenge, and something that takes continued practice and discipline to do well. But, as you begin settling into a rhythm, you’ll start to see what a blessing rest is, that it wasn’t just a command from God, but one of the greatest gifts we’re given!

So, keeping in mind that jumping right into a full day of rest might be daunting for some of you, here are just a few practical ideas to help you start making rest a bigger priority:

  • Daily quite time with Jesus – prayer, journaling, reading your Bible, working through a study.
    • My Bible study recommendation: I personally love the “Be” series of commentaries by Warren Wiersbe! He breaks down scripture in an easy to understand way, but takes you deep. There are also questions at the end of each chapter to answer. They’re great books for personal or group study.
  • Picking one day a week to go social media free – or if you feel comfortable, turn your phone off completely for the day!
    • Read this post if you want to read more about why I think this is so important.
  • Scheduling one evening a week for dinner and a night in with your spouse and/or kids.
    • Watch a movie, play a board game, get outside, or go out and do some other fun activity!
    • Leave distractions like phones, tablets, laptops, and homework in another room.
    • At the table have everyone go around and share words of kindness about each family member… verbalizing appreciation for your loved ones might be uncomfortable for your family at first, but there is rest and comfort in hearing words of affirmation from those closest to you.
  • Help your children get into the habit of getting their homework done by Saturday night, so they don’t have to do any homework on Sunday.
    • This will not only help them learn time management and help them see the value in rest, but will also give you a break from helping and reminding them to get their tasks done! Everybody wins! (I may not be able to relate on the parenting side of this, but remembering how much work my parents put into helping with homework and putting up with the protests and tantrums from my sisters and me, I know both kids and parents need a break!)
  • Try starting with committing to a half day of rest. Pick a time to start and end and stick to it!
  • Think you’re ready for a full day of rest for you, you and your spouse, and/or your family? Go for it!
    • Discuss what day will work best for your family, work around the most important commitments, let some go, and start experiencing the gift that is an entire day of rest!

fullsizerender 3


I hope this post, if anything, got you thinking about rest and how you might start keeping this spiritual discipline. We live in the midst of a hustle culture in America. Busy = better and rest = laziness. I used to struggle with that lie when I first started prioritizing rest, but I work six days a week and even our God rested on the seventh day! Maybe you work five days a week and have one day for getting errands run, chores, kids activities, etc. But, set aside a day – or, at the very, least a regular extended period of time within a day – for complete rest. Don’t worry about being perfect! Take baby steps and begin discovering how regular rest positively impacts your trust in the Lord, your physical health, mental well-being, relationships, work, and all the other unique aspects of your life.

How are you already prioritizing rest in your life? In what ways do you want to improve? What are your favorite scripture passages about rest? I’d love to hear in the comments! And of course, if you want to stay up to date of future blog posts, I welcome you to join my mailing list community! I’ll let you know about new blog posts, shop updates, and upcoming events, and I’ll even send you a little gift just for joining!

<3 Lauren