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Lettering in Procreate just got a whole lot easier!

Procreate_Grids_Square-01How many of you letter in Procreate on the iPad Pro? Have any of you ever gotten annoyed by the poor grid system (or really just lack thereof)? There are no rulers or guides to show if your lettering is centered on the canvas.

This was problematic for me for far too long, so I did something about it.

I created five grids in five common paper sizes you can simply upload to your projects to design and letter with ease! The grids include exact ruler markings, lines indicating the center of the canvas, and are clearly divided into inches, quarter, and eighth inches. They have a transparent background, so you can use them over any canvas, no matter what color and they even work great over photos if you like lettering over photos!

You can find them on Etsy and download them to your own device because I thought it would be just plain evil to hoard these super helpful grids that eliminate this common annoyance many of us iPad letterers experience!

Again, need more convincing before downloading? Let me show you how I use them:

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Letter with my favorite Procreate brushes!


I created some amazing Procreate brushes and you can now purchase them on Etsy in my Essential Brush pack! These are my new go-to brushes I use in my iPad lettering. If you know my style, you know I gravitate towards clean lines and simplicity and I believe these brushes are essential for any iPad letterer who is trying to accomplish a similar look. You can click HERE to purchase the brushes, or if you need further convincing before downloading, watch my YouTube tutorial where I talk about what I love about each brush in my Essential Brush Pack.

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Procreate brushes that look more like real brush pens


My Natural Brush Pack contains five brushes, all created to look more realistic to actual brush pens. Each brush has a slightly jagged edge to imitate the look of ink bleed, similar to how ink looks on paper. And, some of the brushes are even semi-opaque and have more of a paper texture within the body of the strokes as well. These brushes work great for everyday lettering, inserting over stock photo mockups, and even watercolor lettering on the iPad. Click HERE to purchase all five brushes and watch the video below for a more detailed walk-through of what these brushes look like and how to use them.

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Want great looking photos to showcase your beautiful work?Minimal_Bundle_Square-01

Check out the Minimal iPad Stock Photo Bundle ONLY on Creative Market!

If you want to get noticed on social media and your online shop, quality photos are amust! However, there are two obstacles that got in my way for so long: 1) I didn’t know how to edit my photos to look the way I wanted them to and 2) purchasing stock photo mockups was not in my budget.

Since I had more time than money, I started learning how to edit and create my own stock photo mockups. I finally reached a point where I felt like my photos were worthy of offering to others, so I created the Minimal iPad Stock Photo Bundle, which includes 8 beautiful iPad mockups perfect for displaying your work on social media and your online shop.

They are easy to use, affordable, and will save you loads of time – less time editing photos, more time creating art? Yes please!

If you’re not in need of 8 photos right now, I also created the Mini Minimal Bundle and the Mini Minimal 2 Bundle, so you can buy a few photos from the collection now and a few later.

And one more thing…

Not sure how to add your art to stock photo mockups? That’s okay! I can teach you in less than 10 minutes in this video:

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