Frequently Asked Questions


What are your beliefs?

You can check out my belief and mission statement on my About page.

Where did you learn to interpret the Bible?

I am simply a layperson with a deep and ever-growing love for God and His written Word. I received Christ as my Lord and Savior in the spring of 2012. And, many in my church family have told me that I have discernment and teaching gifts. I credit all interpretation and teaching ability I have to the Holy Spirit who I depend on to help and lead me to a right understanding of the Bible. 

Almost all of the biblical interpretation training I’ve received has come through women’s ministry leadership at my church, Bible Study Fellowship leadership, and various books on theology and Bible interpretation. And last, but certainly not least, sound biblical interpretation has been set by example through my pastors. I believe that God speaks through His Word with specific intent and that it’s my job as a teacher to lead others to reach that understanding—not to insert my own beliefs or opinions. I submit to the full authority of God’s Word.


I need help ordering your books.

If you need help ordering a book or have questions regarding checkout, payments, shipping, etc., please contact customer service from the shop you are purchasing from directly. Since I work with a publisher, I do not handle distribution for my books. So unfortunately, I personally can’t offer much help with book orders. If you need further customer service assistance regarding my books, please contact my publisher directly. Thank you!

I am [insert your denomination here] will your books/resources be a good fit for me/my church?

I sure hope so! Given that I do not know the beliefs of every denomination and individual church, I hope the information I have provided here is sufficient for you to make that decision. If you are still unsure, I encourage you to read my blog to learn more about who I am and what I believe or order whichever book you’re interested in to see if that specific resource is right for you/your church.

Do you have any leader guides or resources for your Bible studies?

I do not have any special resources or guides for leaders that accompany my Bible studies. My best advice to leaders would be to do the following ahead of time:

  • Pray for your group and for God to equip and guide you as you lead. Have a co-leader? Pray for her too!
  • Read all of the Scripture included in each lesson. This includes the required reading and verses mentioned in the commentaries (and within the questions sometimes too).
  • Read all of the commentaries and fill out questions carefully and thoughtfully. When I lead group studies, I try to get more detailed with my answers than the average group member so I’m a bit more prepared.
  • If you have additional questions or simply want to go deeper in your own study, refer to a study Bible. Additionally, you can check out any references that are included in my commentaries. These are the little superscript numbers that can be found at the end of a sentence. Find the corresponding number in the notes section in the back of my book to discover what books, videos, and additional resources I referenced. I invite you to dig into those resources for yourself as well!

Blessings to you as you lead others through God’s Word!

Are your books for people who are new to the Bible or more experienced in Bible study?

Both! As a Bible study small group leader, I have seen firsthand the importance of meeting everyone where they’re at. I know that no one can do this perfectly. But, my goal is to go deep to challenge and encourage readers. I also try not to assume any previous biblical knowledge that could cause a new reader to get stuck.

Are your books just for women?

I don’t tend to write in a style that’s specifically for women. I simply focus on what the Bible teaches and how that applies to anyone’s life. However, since the hand-lettered art I include in my books is more feminine and I don’t want to assume teaching authority over men in an unbiblical way, I generally market my books and online resources towards women.

Are your books appropriate for teens?

It depends on the individual or group of teens. I do not have a teenager nor have I worked closely with them. So, if you’re interested in one of my books for teens, my best advice is to pray about it, order it, read through it, and use discernment to determine if a book is right for the young people in your life.

I have questions about writing books/getting published. Do you have any advice for me?

I thank God that I get to be someone who receives these types of questions! Truly all glory goes to Him for blessing me with the opportunity to write and create with the help of a publisher.

I self-published two books and a journal before I ever received a publishing deal. After self-publishing those three titles, I had a strong desire to get published, but had no clue how to make that happen. I prayed that if this desire was in alignment with God’s will, that He would make a way. About a year or so later, I received an email from my publisher who heard about me through someone I had networked with when I was still self-publishing. By God’s grace, it was the right fit—truly an answer to prayer!

If you’re seeking advice on reaching out to publishers and submitting book proposals. I have never had either experience before, so I don’t have specific advice on that. But I do have some general advice:

  • Be in God’s Word and prayer. — God has unique plans for you. Whatever your desires and goals may be, continually seek Jesus through His Word and prayer and surrender to His will. If you are hoping to write biblical content, pray about that and learn how to study and interpret the Bible accurately. This book (affiliate link) is a great starting point and I recommend getting a hard copy so you can make notes and reference it easily. And of course, ask God to prepare you and give you wisdom if He is leading you to reach out to publishers with your ideas.
  • Continue creating and connecting. — If you love to write, wisely and prayerfully write! Journal, compose thoughtful Instagram captions, start a blog, self-publish, etc. Ask God to show you how and where He wants to use your gifts and to guide you in that creative journey. And connect with others about your writing desires! You never know how God could use a friend from church, co-worker, or some other connection. God has used these seemingly random connections time and again in my life to accomplish His purposes.
  • Be patient and trust. — In my experience, God’s timing is rarely our timing, but it’s always better. Isaiah 55:8 comes to mind, as well as Proverbs 3:5-6. God’s thoughts and ways are higher than ours. And, He commands us to trust in Him completely and to not lean on our own understanding. For example, I was approached by another publisher before I met my current publisher. It was clearly not the right fit, but it was still hard to walk away from that opportunity, not knowing if I would receive another one. Wait on God for the right opportunity. I am so glad I did!

I hope that’s helpful! If you would like to hear more of my story and receive more detailed advice from one creative to another, I encourage you to listen here. Blessings to you in your own writing endeavors! I am excited for you!

Shop Questions

How do I load digital downloads on my iPad?

For step-by-step instructions downloading digital files from Etsy, watch this video. For step-by-step instructions downloading digital files from Creative Market, go back to the listing you purchased from and read the detailed instructions written in the listing description. If you follow my instructions carefully, you shouldn’t have any issues!

If you’re still confused I usually suggest finding a tech-savvy friend or family member to help! There’s only so much more help I can offer via email, but I am willing to further assist you! If you think your issues are related to a technical difficulty beyond your control, send me an email and I’ll do my best to get back to you promptly to figure out how to resolve the issue.

If you need additional help after you’ve downloaded, I provide helpful tutorials for each digital product on my YouTube channel to help you get started.

What are your return, refund, and cancellation policies?

Contact me within 3 days of delivery to exchange items and send items you are exchanging back within 7 days of delivery. I do not accept returns or offer store credit. You can request to cancel your order any time before the order has been shipped. Digital downloads, custom, and personalized orders cannot be canceled, refunded, or exchanged at any time.

(The above information is for purchases made on my website and Etsy only. For return, refund, and cancellation policies regarding my books, visit the store you purchased from. I do not handle any of the distribution for my published books.)

Do you offer bulk discounts or sell products at a wholesale price?

Wholesale: If you would like to order the products listed at laurenibach.com/shop at the wholesale price, visit my Wholesale page. If you are interested in carrying my published books, please contact my publisher.

Bulk Discounts: If you would like to order products in bulk and are not purchasing as another business owner, I can sometimes offer discounted prices. Please contact me to let me know which product(s) you are interested in and how many.

I would like to order a print in your shop in a size that’s not offered. Is that possible?

Usually! I can offer designs in a variety of sizes. Please contact me about these requests. Please keep in mind, these orders generally cost more than other prints in my shop since they aren’t created in bulk.

If I contact you with additional questions, when can I expect a response?

I typically respond to shop/order questions within 2-3 business days of receiving your message and usually only check and respond to emails and Etsy convos between 9am-5pm CST Mon-Fri. If your question can be answered here in FAQs, I may not respond directly to your email. (Sorry!) Please also keep in mind, I am not very active on social media. So if you message me there, you likely won’t receive a response. Email is always best!

If you are inquiring about my books, responses vary based on the question and my availability. But, I want you to know I so appreciate your interest! Visit my About page to read my belief statement or scroll up for FAQs about my beliefs and books. Please keep in mind, I do not handle distribution of my books. If you have a customer service question or an issue with your order, please contact the store you purchased from first. If you need further assistance, contact my publisher’s customer support.

For all other inquiries, my response times and availability varies, but I will read your email and I do hope to connect with you!

As much as I would like to, I don’t always have the time to respond to every individual email and question, which is why I’ve provided as much information as I can on my website. I’m a one-woman operation, so thanks for understanding!

Custom Work For Individuals

Do you accept custom orders?

Yes! However, I do not accept all orders—it really depends on the project and my availability. Please keep in mind pricing is much different when ordering something custom made. I charge a flat fee up front based on my hourly rate and how much time I estimate a project will take me to complete.

Contact me to request a custom order info sheet to see what kinds of projects I typically create for individuals.

Without proper permissions, I do not letter any copyrighted material, such as movie, TV show, or book quotes, and I do not letter quotes from individuals who are alive or have been deceased for less than 100 years. The only modern Bible translation I have permission to use is the ESV. I cannot legally use the NIV, NLT, MSG, or other modern translations.

If you are inquiring about custom sticker or enamel pin orders, I occasionally take on these types of requests. However, keep in mind, there is a minimum order quantity of 100 since these are products I outsource to factories.

Contact me and I’ll be happy to discuss your specific ideas!

What is your custom order turnaround time?

This will vary from order to order. For most orders, I tell people it takes 2-3 weeks to finish custom orders. Keep in mind, prompt communication helps greatly in getting orders completed on time (and sometimes early!). I generally respond very quickly to clients who have open custom orders so I can get orders finished promptly.

Can you recreate something I saw on Pinterest?

I will not copy something by another maker. I suggest tracking down the original maker and contacting them about creating a piece for you. If you are unable to get ahold of the original maker or they are unable to take your order, I will consider your request and will be happy to look at pictures as inspiration and come up with a similar, but unique design to fit your desires/needs.

I would like a design painted on wood or canvas. Can you do that for me?

I love creating beautiful work that I can confidently present to my clients. I have not had a lot of practice with painting on wood and canvas, so I generally do not take on orders where I have to do so.

Businesses & Ministries

I would like to carry your items in my shop. Where can I purchase your items wholesale?

If you would like to order the products listed at laurenibach.com/shop at the wholesale price, visit my Wholesale page. If you are interested in carrying my published books, please contact my publisher.

Do you ever do contracted work for companies?

Yes! I have worked with and am currently working with a few companies at different capacities. Please email me with more information about the company you work for and your specific ideas.

Do you license your products or designs?

Yes! Please email me with more information about the company you work for and which designs or products you are hoping to license. Check out my portfolio to see what types of designs I license and what companies I have worked with.

Do you make donations to fundraisers?

I do not make monetary donations to fundraisers as a business by request, but will occasionally donate products from my shop. I typically only donate to local charities and ministries I am familiar with. If you’d like to reach out, please email me with detailed information about the cause you are raising funds for.

Shipping & Manufacturing

When will my order ship?

Orders placed directly through laurenibach.com/shop ship within 1-5 business days. Digital downloads are in the email you received immediately after purchase (check your junk folder if you aren’t seeing it). (Etsy only: You can access your downloads in your Etsy account at all times.)

If you ordered one of my books through another site, visit the site you purchased from to find their shipping and handling information.

My package hasn’t shown up (or it has, but it’s damaged). Can you resend my order?

Unfortunately, on very rare occasions packages are significantly delayed or damaged. I make sure all orders are packaged carefully before shipping. But once they are dropped off at the post office, I have no control over what happens once the packages are in the hands of USPS. At that point, I only have access to the same information as customers do through USPS tracking numbers.

If your package doesn’t show up by the expected delivery date, I will only send a replacement if it hasn’t shown up five weeks after the expected delivery date. I do not consider a package officially lost until that point.

If you believe your order was damaged in transit, please email me a photo of the damage.

Being a small, one-woman shop, I cannot afford to ship replacement orders unless I know for sure they are damaged or lost in the mail. However, rest assured, since opening my shop in 2016, I can count on one hand the number of packages that have arrived damaged or never showed up.

My package is marked “Delivered” on the tracking site, but my package isn’t here!

Unfortunately, every now and then this happens with some orders and in my experience, the packages usually turn up! If your package was marked “delivered” and didn’t show up, there are a few things you should do. Double check the shipping address on the order, check your mailbox, porch, screen door, side door, foyer, or wherever else a mail carrier might leave a package. Still no package? Wait a week and if the package still hasn’t been delivered, contact or visit your local post office and explain the issue to them.

I am not responsible for lost or stolen packages and always recommend making sure you, someone you live with, or a neighbor is there to receive your package.

What services do you use for shipping?

I ship through USPS and typically ship First Class. Most products in my shop ship with tracking, but some of the smaller items do not. See individual listings for more information on shipping and tracking. Unfortunately I am unable to rush orders or upgrade shipping by request at this time.

Where do you get your products manufactured?

I do all of the designing for my shop and many of my products are created in-house, but I do not share specifics on where my outsourced products are manufactured. All the products in my shop are made in the USA, with the exception of some enamel pins.

Online Courses

Do you have any online lettering courses?

I do not have any online courses, but feel free to check out my YouTube channel for short, helpful tutorials using my digital products.

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