Strength in the Struggle

Strength in the Struggle: A Bible Study Workbook for Women on Letting Go of Fear & Anxiety

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Strength in the Struggle is an encouraging 10-lesson Bible study workbook for women about letting go of fear and anxiety. The world offers many solutions to manage and cope with these struggles, but what Jesus offers us is far greater.

God’s Word has the power and authority to transform lives and give us strength in every battle. Strength in the Struggle was created to help readers cultivate a biblical understanding of anxiety and fear, trust in the power of the gospel as our ultimate hope, and learn to apply God’s Word in both thought and action. Each lesson focuses on a single memory verse within its historical and biblical context. It includes hand-lettered artwork to help with memorization and short commentaries that provide clarity. Plus, it contains thought-provoking questions for study and life application. In this study, readers will find strength in their struggles with fear and anxiety as their trust in Jesus and His promises deepen.

I would love to be a part of this experience with you. Order my book, Strength in the Struggle, today! I’m excited to dive into the Word of God with you very soon.

Lauren Ibach is an artist and writer with a passion for helping women center their lives on Christ and His Word. She creates hand-lettered artwork, products, resources, and blog posts to proclaim the Gospel and inspire others to love and follow Jesus.

Published by Paper Peony Press. For more information about Strength in the Struggle, visit their website.

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