God’s Glory, Our Peace

God’s Glory, Our Peace: A 25-Day Study Revealing God’s Great Plan & Promise to Bring Peace

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God’s Glory, Our Peace

God’s Glory, Our Peace is a 25-day Christmas Bible study revealing God’s great plan and promise to bring peace. As you make your seasonal preparations and enjoy your favorite traditions, take the time to prepare your heart and grow in your faith.

About the Study

The study is broken down into three sections: The Plan, The Promise, and the Peace. To start, “The Plan” focuses on the great unfolding story of the Bible, which gives us the foundation for understanding the meaning of Christmas. Secondly, “The Promise” dives into prophecies of Jesus’ birth, which builds our faith in God’s Word, His sovereignty, and faithfulness for all time. Lastly, “The Peace” brings our attention to the Christmas story in the Gospel of Luke. Moreover, the historical narrative highlights how God is glorified and how Christ gives us peace. 

Each short lesson includes daily Scripture readings, observation questions, short commentaries, life application questions, and prayer prompts to help you internalize and live out what you learn each day. Also included, are tips on making time for this study during such a busy time of year, additional commentaries to deepen your study, and hand-lettered Bible verses to help you remember what you’ve read.


  • Comprehensive Exploration: Delve into a 25-day Christmas Bible study examining God’s plan and promise to bring peace.
  • Structured Approach: Divided into three sections – “The Plan,” “The Promise,” and “The Peace.” This provides a robust understanding of the Christmas narrative.
  • Faith-building Prophecies: Explore prophecies of Jesus’ birth in “The Promise,” reinforcing trust in God’s Word, sovereignty, and eternal faithfulness.
  • Practical Application: Each daily lesson includes Scripture readings, reflection questions, commentaries, and prayer prompts, fostering internalization and real-life application.
  • Enhanced Study Experience: Tips for busy seasons, commentaries, and hand-lettered Bible verses. Additionally, this content enriches your study, making it a meaningful part of the festive season.

Merry Christmas!

As you work through God’s Glory, Our Peace, discover God’s faithfulness for all eternity and how Christ’s birth impacts our lives today and forever. Above all, Jesus truly is the glorious reason for the season! May your Christmas be filled with abundant joy as you reflect on who He is and what He has done.

Lauren Ibach is an artist and writer with a passion for helping women center their lives on Christ and His Word. She creates hand-lettered artwork, products, resources, and blog posts to proclaim the Gospel and inspire others to love and follow Jesus.

Published by Paper Peony Press. Visit their website for more information.

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