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Book Update & Personal Update

Hello, everyone! It has been a minute since I last posted here on the blog! I’ve been keeping in touch weekly with my community over email. But, those of you who are not on my list haven’t heard from me in quite some time! Sorry about that, but I promise it has been for good reasons! I’m back today with an update on my book and an update on what God’s teaching me right now.

Book Update

I mentioned a few months ago that I was writing a book… I’m happy to announce it is fully written and edited and my publisher is getting the design and layout finalized! We are hoping to have it completed in the next couple weeks, so it will be ready for release in the fall.

I’m keeping the specifics to myself until everything is sent to print. (Just in case something changes at the last minute!) But, I’m really looking forward to sharing what this book is all about. I have never written anything so heavily inspired by God’s Word. The Lord really used the whole experience to grow me in dependence on Him and love for Him. I’m so grateful for the ways He taught me to articulate who He is to others and how knowing Him more deeply impacts our trust in Him in mighty ways.

Personal Update & Reflections

Over the past few months, God has been teaching me about surrender. He’s been teaching me to surrender my time to Him, what I listen to, my work to Him… He’s revealing where I’m still holding onto my will and not surrendering to His will. And, He’s teaching me how to more boldly and intentionally live in light of the Gospel.

When we grow in our understanding of Christ’s loving sacrifice for unworthy sinners, we are led to live differently. We are led to offer our lives as a living sacrifice to God when we recognize what Jesus has done for us. The Son of God left heaven, came into the world as an infant and experienced life as we do. He came to walk with us, teach us, and ultimately, save us by sacrificially dying on a cross. Christ endured the wrath of God we deserved and triumphantly rose from the dead to forgive all who believe. He is oh so worthy of our complete surrender!


I encourage you to ask God how He is calling you to deeper surrender. Maybe you’re like me and you have some fears about that. I’ve realized my main fear is around rest. I worry that if I surrender everything to Him, specifically my free time, I’ll be tired all the time. I fear He’ll call me to more than I can handle and I won’t rest. But, when I focus on what’s true, I know that He promises to equip us for all He calls us to. He also promises to provide for our needs – even rest! What are your fears in surrendering everything to God? What does He say in His Word about those fears? Trust in His promises, surrender in faith, and watch as He works in mighty ways!

Anyway, that’s my update! If you’re in need of more encouragement, subscribe to my mailing list if you haven’t already! I send out weekly emails talking about practical steps to grow in your faith and love for Christ. I send out free resources and all sorts of content exclusive to members of my community who are ready to grow deeper in their relationship with God. I’d love to see you there!

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