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A Doable Daily Christmas Bible Study

It’s November, it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. But if you’re hoping to spend more time in God’s Word this Christmas season, now is the time to start praying and seriously consider what that might look like. I recently announced the release of my brand new Bible study, God’s Glory, Our Peace, which is a doable daily Christmas Bible study all about God’s great plan and promise to bring peace. If your goal is to stay more focused on Jesus and prepare your heart for Christmas, this study is for you!

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Tips to Help You Stay On Track

Perhaps your biggest question or hangup is: 

Do I realistically have time to add one more thing to my plate during this busy time of year? 

Without going into too much detail (you’ll have to get the book for that!), I include a lot of encouragement and tips that will help you find space in your schedule for this study. In the introduction of the workbook we consider things like how we can utilize time normally spent scrolling on our phones, saying no to non-essentials… and more. Taking daily time to engage with Jesus in Scripture this time of year is worth it. I want you to be equipped and encouraged as you embark on this endeavor because I trust God will bless you through it—He truly blessed my heart as I studied this content!

25 Short Daily Lessons

If I’ve sparked your interest, you also may be wondering: 

So what do these daily lessons look like? 

The entire study is broken down into three key sections: 

  1. The Plan: Creation, Fall, Redemption Restoration (the overarching story of the Bible)
  2. The Promise: Prophecies of Christ’s Birth
  3. The Peace: The Christmas Story

These themes will broaden your understanding of God, yourself, the Bible as a whole, and of course, the significance of Jesus’ birth. I was very familiar with the Christmas story as I began writing this workbook and was still so surprised by how much God taught me as I studied the passages within these themes. So whatever knowledge you’re bringing to the table—whether it’s a little or a lot—God’s Glory, Our Peace will be worth your time!

Getting into the finer details, each lesson includes a short daily Scripture reading, about five questions, one short commentary, and a prayer prompt. The lessons are brief, but the goal is to take you deep as you observe and apply each day’s reading.

Pray and Order Today!

If you need more time to pray about engaging in this study, take the time to do that today. God’s Glory, Our Peace is available now, so I encourage you to order it, page through it, and see for yourself that this truly is a doable daily Christmas Bible study. For the best experience, you’ll want to start on December 1st (or a little earlier if you want to give yourself some grace days). So if you’re all-in or even just curious, order God’s Glory, Our Peace today! I am excited to be in God’s Word with you this special time of year!

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