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Personal Update: Baby, Book, Blog

Hello, friends! The year got off to a busy start! If you are a subscriber, you know I haven’t disappeared. But if you only follow me here on my website, you may be wondering where I’ve been. So, I’m back here with a personal update—for the first time in 2023!


I announced it to my subscribers and on social media, but in case you missed it… I’m pregnant! About a month ago, my husband and I found out we’re having a girl and we could not be more thrilled! I come from a family of girls and we love our little niece, so having a girl suits us! I am grateful to God every day that it has been a smooth pregnancy so far. I’ve felt great, God’s kept me healthy, and I’m thankful for such a flexible work schedule that allows me to rest when I need it. I have so much more respect for all the working mamas and the mamas who have been through this multiple times. 

I am due mid-August. So, we’ve slowly been preparing for our girl. It feels great to check some of the big things off the to-get and to-do lists! However, work has been busy, so it’s been a bit challenging at times to get more done around the house. We moved last July and still have lots of painting and a few smaller projects we’d like to get done before our daughter is born. But, we’re prioritizing and trusting in God’s timing. Thankfully, we have family close by who are willing to help out!


Part of the reason work has been crazy is because I’m trying to take on some more projects now so I can take a long maternity leave at the end of the summer. But, the main reason you haven’t heard from me in awhile is because I’ve been working on my next book! My team and I are practically done with it. I finished writing and I’m just finishing artwork, edits, and layout with my editor and designer.

I can’t share too many details just yet. But, I will say that God showed up in such unexpected and exciting ways throughout this process. He always does, but there is just something about the way He wove all the content together so beautifully this time that leaves me in greater awe of Him. The Lord worked through my weakness, led me to deeper dependence on Him, and worked powerfully in and through me. He truly gets all the glory! Stay tuned for more on the new book in the coming months!

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me. —2 Corinthians 12:9


I have so missed blogging and hope to get back to it some more now that I’m wrapping up my next book. I’ve had some ideas circulating in my head, but neither the time nor mental energy to invest in them. Hopefully, that will change a bit in the coming weeks! I’m not sure what my life will look like come August and September when I’m in full-blown mom mode, so I want to be present here while I know I can be. We’ll see what I’m able to post here with my few months left before that happens. Again, stay tuned!

Closing Encouragement

I hope your year has been off to a good start. After spending an evening with some in my church community recently, I was reminded that God is good and life is full of a whole lot of sweetness, but we all are facing unique challenges too. I just wanted to close today’s post to remind you that you’re not alone—that Jesus died and rose from the dead to save sinners. When we repent, believe, and receive the good news of the gospel, we are united with Christ and He unites us with His people.

I know many of you attend church, but are you involved? Are you engaged in a group Bible study? Serving in any capacity? Really plugged in and sharing life with your brothers and sisters in Christ? God has given us the gift of the church for many reasons—one of them being to pray through and support one another through trials… and celebrate with you when good things happen too! It’s been sweet to share with my church community the joys of becoming a mom as well as the things that have been heavy on my heart.

So, I wanted to pass this encouragement onto you. It takes time to build relationships. But God created us for a relationship with Him and with one another (Genesis 1:27, Gen. 2:18-24; Matthew 22:37-40). When we respond to this call on our lives, we are sure to be blessed in beautiful ways by our God who works all things together for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28).

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  1. So happy about your daughter, Lauren. You will be a great mom!

    1. Thanks so much, Barbara! So kind of you to say!

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