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Finding Strength in the Struggle

Have you felt the weight of anxiety or fear over the past year? How about the past five minutes? Something I started noticing about my subscribers and readers is that so many of you are especially tuned in when I write on the topic of anxiety. First of all, if this is an ongoing struggle for you, I just want to say I’m so sorry. I don’t know your personal struggles, but I know from wrestling with my own that this is not an easy burden or battle. My heart’s desire is to come alongside you and strengthen this community of women in God’s Word. Jesus is attuned to our bent towards anxiety and fear. He has compassion for us and speaks truth into these struggles throughout Scripture. That’s why I’m thrilled to announce the release of my brand new book—and first Bible study! Strength in the Struggle is a study and workbook for women on letting go of fear and anxiety.

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How God used this study in my own life

Early last year, my publisher, Paper Peony Press, expressed a desire for me to write a Bible study. I was totally open to the idea—excited, in fact! But, as the conversations continued and we landed on the idea of a Bible study about anxiety and fear, I began questioning whether I was truly called and equipped for this. It all likely started as good questions to pray and process through with God. But, the enemy took hold of my questions and used them to well up fears and anxiousness of my own.

No stranger

In the intro of Strength in the Struggle, I wrote about how I have experienced anxiety and fear in a variety of ways throughout my life. So, I won’t get into that now. But to put it simply, I am no stranger to these struggles. When this book was still just an idea floating out there, I felt like I would be writing this from the perspective of what I’ve learned in the past and how I’ve experienced victory in this area of my life. Little did I know, I’d be in the thick of my own new battle against anxiety. As I wrote this book, I feared: 

“Who am I to write a study about this?” 

“Aren’t there people way more qualified than me to teach God’s Word?”

“Is God really calling me to this or am I mistaken?”

And worst of all…

“What if I interpret His Word wrongly and lead others astray?”

As I’ve prayed, studied, and processed this with godly friends and family members, I now realize the enemy was using those questions to well up a whole bunch of fear and anxiety in me. When I finally started writing, I was in the thick of my own battle. It was humbling to write from that place, but I know God used it for His glory so that I could not only offer this study to help you overcome your own fears and anxieties, but so that I could re-learn to battle my own.

Standing in awe

Strength in the Struggle includes ten lessons that focus on a key verse or short passage of Scripture. I was familiar with many of these passages, but I hadn’t studied them in depth. As I began the process of understanding each verse within its historical and biblical context, I was in awe of how much more there was to each passage than I initially thought. For instance, I had never understood Proverbs 3:5-6 in light of the gospel and it completely rocked my world. 

I was also in awe of how many weeks God had me in the lesson that I needed most as I battled my own insecurities. It’s been several months since I finished writing and I am still in awe of Him—Who He is, what He promises, the gospel of grace, and how He lovingly spoke into my own fears and anxieties while simultaneously giving me the opportunity to share what I learned with you. What a gracious and merciful God we have!

My hope for you

I am far from perfect, I have struggles of my own, and I’m not a certified psychologist. So, the enemy used these realities to whisper lies and doubts about my authority to speak into the topic of fear and anxiety in such a bold way. But, I know my God—He is all-wise, all-knowing, and His Word is sufficient to teach us how to walk in godliness (2 Timothy 3:16). 

I did not write this Bible study based on my own perceived authority or opinions. God simply used me to highlight what He has already clearly spoken to us through Scripture. The desire of my heart is for you to trust His authority as He speaks through His Word into this deeply personal area of your life. And, that you would discover how the hope of the gospel impacts our daily struggles.

I pray that all who humbly approach Him in this study will experience His wise counsel that gives us strength in our struggles, peace as we persevere, and victory in our battles against anxiety and fear.

So, let’s dive into God’s Word to learn what He says about anxiety and fear and how He can transform us as we apply it to our lives. Each of the ten lessons follow a very simple format, while still going deep so that many can follow it. Whether it’s your first or hundredth Bible study, I invite you to pick up your Bible and this book and discover the immeasurable amounts of grace God has for those who struggle with anxiety and fear and the strength He offers us to effectively battle against it.

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  1. I have been trying to buy this book for two weeks and it keeps getting lost in the mail

    1. Hi Tracy! Thank you so much for ordering Strength in the Struggle! I am so sorry to hear that you’ve had issues getting it delivered to you. I don’t have any control over the distribution, so I’m afraid I can’t personally be of much help to get this resolved. If you ordered from Amazon, I would reach out to Amazon customer service directly with your issue. If you ordered from elsewhere, reach out to my publisher at to chat with someone from customer support. Thanks for letting me know about this and I hope you can get this resolved quickly!

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