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Seasons of Quiet Times | Podcast Episode

Whether you subscribed to my mailing list three years ago or three days ago, I make sure everyone receives content on having quality quiet time. Spending intentional time alone with Jesus is foundational to growing in our faith. But since I don’t know the details of your day-to-day life, I can only offer the basics. So when the She is Becoming podcast asked me to be a part of a conversation about seasons of quiet time, I thought of this community. I knew the conversation would get more detailed and would be an encouragement to you in whatever season of life you may find yourself.

Four of us sisters in Christ shared about what our daily devotional time looks like in our current season of life. I was asked to be on the show since I’m a new mom. But, we all had something unique to bring to the table. Bev is a retired wife, mom, and grandma. She has wisdom for women in her specific life stage, as well as younger women. Delaney is a single mom who faces her own set of unique challenges. And Nicole is a married homeschool mom of four with a very busy schedule. We each value time with God in His Word and prayer. But how we are finding and spending that time is as unique as our individual phases of life.

Our Invitation

We invite you to listen in on our conversation. I personally walked into our chat feeling like I had little to offer. But, I left feeling uplifted and excited to continue learning what quiet time with Jesus looks like in these first weeks as a new mom. So be encouraged, challenged, and receive grace as you consider how you will seek Christ in your daily life.

Listen to the episode of the She is Becoming podcast, titled “Seasons of Quiet Times” below or on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

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