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Personal Update: Motherhood and More to Come

Hello, lovely readers! I am so grateful to be slowly getting back to work after my maternity leave. As I begin writing this post on all things motherhood and more to come, I have a baby strapped to my chest. Oh how life has changed since I last blogged! I have been overwhelmed by God’s faithfulness over the past year and I’m excited to share more about that today.

Motherhood, Joy, & Grief

I had a speedy and smooth 5-hour delivery back in August on our baby girl’s due date. In some ways, it feels like the weeks since then have flown by just as fast. I wrote back in June about how I wasn’t always sure I wanted to be a mom. And I have been amazed by how God continues to redeem the fears and anxieties I once had around motherhood. From the moment I met my daughter, I have marveled at her beauty, my love for her, God’s goodness and power as her Creator, and His faithfulness in delivering her into our arms and home. The greatness of that gift is not lost on me. 

Throughout my pregnancy and even these first few weeks postpartum, God has been teaching me about balancing joy and grief. We Ibachs have been going through such a long, joyful season. While simultaneously, a few families close to us have suffered tremendous pain and loss. It’s been challenging to figure out what it looks like to rejoice and mourn simultaneously. 

Gospel Hope

As I’ve begun studying Genesis this fall, I’m reminded that all God created was good because He is good. But because man and woman sinned against Elohim—the all-powerful Creator and God of the universe—the world is cursed. We still experience glimpses of the joy of Eden, but it’s also met with the burden brought by the curse. We have been in the midst of that tension. However, our hope remains in the promised Savior in Genesis 3:15, who died on a cross and rose from the dead to save all who repent and believe in Him (Mark 1:15).

Jesus alone forgives our sins and gives us eternal life that begins the moment we trust in Him. And as we await Christ’s second coming, we continue to hope in the promise that one day all death, mourning, crying, and pain will pass away (Revelation 21:4). While our baby girl has been an incredible source of joy for us, we know that our greatest joy is in the gospel and the promise of heaven—eternity with Christ and complete joy (John 15:11).


Another blessing in this season has been time off from work. It hasn’t been much of a vacation by any means. But this is the first time since starting my business that I took a break for more than a few weeks. Likewise, it’s the first time I’ve ever truly had the chance to miss it. I have a renewed sense of gratitude for this ministry and business with which God has blessed me. I’m happy to report the shop is back open and orders are already being shipped across the country again! I hope you’ll remember my little online shop for your special occasions this fall and all your holiday celebrations as the weather gets chillier. I encourage you to visit my shop today since I added a few things before my maternity leave that are finally available again!

New Book

While I was pregnant, I was not only creating a little human, but I was also busy creating another book! Lord willing, it will be out the first week of November! I’m waiting a few more weeks to share all the details. But I will say this: Have you considered how you will connect with God and reflect on the wonder of His birth this Christmas season? Now is the perfect time to start praying about that. And I invite you to join my mailing list community and be notified when my new book is available for preorder. I can hardly wait to share it with you!

Thank You

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this personal update on motherhood and more to come. I am so grateful for each one of my readers. And if you are one who has prayed or reached out with a word of excitement and encouragement, I want you to know your prayers have been felt and your words have truly uplifted me! I hope you have a blessed fall and I look forward to updating you on the new book very soon!

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  1. I’m a new believer and money is just not coming in right now I’m have been struggling to get by with my 4 kiddos. But GOD LORD JESUS IS SO GOOD I PRAY EVERYDAY THINGS WILL GET BETTER AMEN

    1. Praying with you now! And thanks for reading ❤️

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